4 Ways To Fix Minecraft Unknown Host Error

Minecraft Unknown Host
Minecraft Unknown Host

Minecraft is an excellent game, there’s no doubt about it. After all, it does take something special for a game to still be relevant a full 10 years after its initial release. For us, this game has really held up well too. And sure, the single player version still holds quite a lot of appeal for many. 

That being said, there is just way more fun to be had when you venture into playing it online. Normally, getting online in Minecraft is quite simple too. All you really need to do is connect to server and then all of the benefits of online play should just be laid out in front of you. 

Better yet, if you want to really have a fully customizable experience, you can also choose to buy your own private server, where you control who gets in and what happens in there. The only real downside to this is that it does cost a little money. But, for what you get, we think it’s more than worth it. 

However, we have noticed in the last while that there have been a few complaints saying that people are having difficulty with their servers. Today, we are going to tackle the “unknown host” error and show you how to get things back to normal again. 

What is the Minecraft Unknown Host Error?…

Above, we talked about how any Minecraft player has the option to buy their own server if they want to. One of the key benefits of doing this is that you can restrict the server to only allow in the people that you have green listed. 

However, recently we have noticed that people are having trouble joining private servers – even ones that they are supposed to be allowed to get into. So, seeing as this proem can be quite annoying, we’ve decided to put together a quick troubleshooting guide to help you get around the problem. And here it goes!

  1. Type in the Server’s IP Address                                                                                                    

Type in the Servers IP Address

For most of you, the quickest and easiest fix for this problem will be this one. Better yet, this fix is really simple to do. All you need to do when you are getting the unknown host error is to try manually typing in the IP address of the server you are trying to connect to. We do realize that it does appear that this won’t do all that much, but it does work more often than it should. 

As a precaution, we would recommend that you actually manually type in the IP address rather than simply copy and pasting this. The reason for this is that it can be pretty easy to accidentally include a blank space or two.

  1. But what do I do if I am the host? 

On rare occasions, it can actually be possible that you can’t actually connect to your own server. So, if you are getting the dreaded “unknown host” error while trying to connect, here is what to do about it. 

In this case, the trick is to just try “localhost”, which you will find in your IP slots. In addition to that, it is also of utmost importance that you are hosting the server on the same PC that you use to play Minecraft. 

  1. Getting this error on your custom domain name?

Getting this error on your custom domain name

This error can actually pop up more often than you would expect. In fact, it can even happen when you are just making a custom domain name for your private server. When this happens, the result is that you won’t be able to use or even create your domain name. 

In every case, what this will mean is that the domain name has expired or has slipped into its redemption period. In either case, the only thing to do if you wish to keep it is to get it renewed as soon as you can. 

  1. Get in touch with customer support 

Unfortunately, if nothing above has worked for you, this would indicate that the problem is not on your end. This will also mean that there is nothing more that you can do to get it fixed other than calling in for some help. So, at this point, the logical thing to do is contact the support team. 

In general, they are really responsive and quite helpful. As a result, we would expect that they will be able to get the problem fixed for you relatively quickly. While you are talking to them, we would recommend that you mention everything that you have tried so far to fix the problem. This will help them narrow down the cause of the problem that bit quicker. 

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