How To Get Fortune 3 In Minecraft?

How to Get Fortune 3
How to Get Fortune 3

Enchantments make it a lot easier for players to progress in the game. But it is quite difficult to get good enchantment and all you can do is hope you’re lucky enough to land upon good enchantments.

Enchanting your armor and weapons can make your character overpowered, this ensures that you have maximum chances of survival. It can take you quite a bit of time to grind out enough experience points to enchant your tools.

However, there are still some methods you can follow to maximize your chances of getting good enchantments for your tools and weapons.

How to Get Fortune 3 in Minecraft?

Fortune 3 is an enchantment that you can put on your farming tools to considerably boost your chances of getting more materials from different blocks. On average you’ll be getting more than twice the number of materials from the same block. It can be quite convenient especially when you’re mining for diamonds or emeralds.

There are three main things that you need to get fortune 3 enchantment. This includes a max-level enchantment table (level 30). The second thing is that your experience level should be above level 30 and lastly a pickaxe or any other tool you prefer to enchant. You’ll need to make sure to choose a durable weapon otherwise the enchantment will go to waste.

So, how can you get a max-level enchantment table to help you get the fortune 3 enchantment? To level up the enchantment table you’ll need to put bookshelves around it, with one block of space in between the enchantment table and the bookshelves. To get your enchantment table to level 30 there should be at least 15 bookshelves all-around your enchanting table on the same level. This will unlock the level 30 enchantment menu for you and you’ll be able to find rare enchantments.

The next thing that you need is to get your experience level higher than level 30. As you require experience points to enchant different items. Luckily, it is not that hard to grind out levels in the world of Minecraft and there are so many methods you can follow to get your avatar to level 30. This includes killing mobs, mining different ores, and then smelting them and also breeding animals can give you a bit of experience too.

If you want to be safe then we recommend that you stick to mining and always remember never to dig straight down. Lastly, what you’ll need is a durable tool on which you can put the enchantment. People mostly use Fortune 3 on diamond pickaxes to mine different ores and fill their inventory with stacks of different ores. As fortune 3 is quite rare so we recommend that you only use it with diamond tools because they are not that hard to craft and are very durable.

Having all of these things will maximize your chances of landing upon Fortune 3 enchantment. At this point, you can only hope that you get lucky and find fortune 3 after refreshing your enchantment menu several times. The enchantments mentioned on the menu are random when you use the enchanting table. There is nothing you can do about it, no way to influence the enchantment menu as everything is randomized.

This is how you can get fortune 3 enchantment for your tools. Once again, your best option is to keep trying and hope that you find Fortune 3 enchantment when the enchanting menu refreshes. There are also some other methods you can use to find this enchantment. This enchantment can be bought from villagers or found in the random chests you loot. However, it is very rare for players to stumble upon this enchantment as it is one of the hardest things to find in the game.

If you have been trying for a long time but are still unable to get this enchantment then you can also choose silk touch on your tools. Depending upon which block you’re trying to mine silk touch can prove to be a better alternative if you wanted to get more food out of your harvest. This enchantment is relatively easier to find and you can always switch to Fortune 3 whenever you get lucky and find it in the enchanting menu of your table.

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