Can’t Join Discord Server Even When Not Banned: 3 Fixes

can't join discord server not banned
can’t join discord server not banned

Discord is a great place to chat with friends while playing games or just laying back and having conversations with them. It is also a great app to meet new people that share the same interests that you do. You can meet these new people through official servers or ones that are made by fans. But there are times when you are unable to join a server, even if you’re not banned from it.

This is actually more common than you’d expect it to be, which is why there are already some great solutions for it. Given below are a few of said solutions and some reasons as to why this problem occurs in the first place. Use them to fix the issue if you’re currently facing it.

Can’t Join Discord Server Even When Not Banned

  1. Expired Invite

If you’re trying to join the server through an invite but the application won’t let you, then it is possible that the invite which you received was either invalid. It is also possible that the invite had expired by the time that you had redeemed it in order to join. Discord usually informs users when an invite link is expired. A message pops up telling you that the above link no longer works and you’ll have to ask for a new one if you wish to join the server.

But there are times when the message doesn’t pop up and you can redeem the link anyway, but obviously to no avail. This could be happening to you right now as well, which is why it’s recommended that you ask for a new invite from one of the moderators of the server by directly messaging them.

  1. Maximum Amount of Servers

One thing that a lot of people don’t actually know about Discord is the fact that it has a cap limit on how many servers a single user can join at one time. It could be that you have exceeded this limit. The specific cap for the number of servers a user can join is 100, so you’ll definitely need to leave one of the many servers you’ve joined if you’re a part of this many. Sometimes, Discord thinks that you’ve exceeded the limit even if you haven’t. This is why it’s recommended that you also try leaving another server and trying to join the new one even if you haven’t exceeded the limit.

  1. Use a VPN

When an account is banned from a specific server, it isn’t just the account itself that’s banned. The IP Address being used by the account is banned entirely. If a bot or alternative account was banned on the same IP as you, then you won’t be able to join the server on said IP. That means that you’ll either have to ask the mods to lift the ban, or you’ll have to join after connecting to a Virtual Private Network to change your IP Address.

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