3 Things To Do If Turtle Eggs Not Hatching In Minecraft

Minecraft Turtle Eggs Not Hatching
Minecraft Turtle Eggs Not Hatching

In Minecraft, Turtle Eggs are a relatively rare block that will hatch from time to time and give you a little baby turtle. The best way to find them is to trawl along the beaches because that’s where turtles lay them. 

They come in a whole range of sizes and are normally dotted with green spots. These eggs will always be found in groups, or clusters, with each one containing up to 4 individual eggs.

If you are around to witness it and have the sound turned up, you will hear a distinctive cracking sound as the eggs begin to hatch and baby turtles emerge. These eggs are quite vulnerable in this state. 

Not only can mobs choose to attack them and damage them, but you can also accidentally damage them too. When this happens, no turtle will spawn from the damaged egg. So, if you happen to be waiting on an egg to hatch that has taken a hit, you may be waiting for some time!

Why Minecraft Turtle Eggs Not Hatching?

The hatching mechanics in Minecraft are a little bit more complicated than a lot of player give them credit for. They’re exceptionally well thought out! In a lot of cases, the only reason that the egg hasn’t hatched yet is that the player hasn’t met all of the conditions required by the game for this to happen. 

Of course, on top of that, there is also the chance that there may be some glitch or other working against you. Annoying as that is, it does happen from time to time!

So, seeing as there isn’t exactly one solitary piece of info that we can give you to make the eggs hatch, we instead have to run through a bit of a checklist. It’s not all that long and should be easy enough to follow. So, let’s just get stuck straight into it and see can we fix it for you. 

1. Try turning up the random tick speed

For this fix, we are just going to assume that the problem is that the eggs are taking forever to hatch – and not that they are glitching out on you. In either case, this is the best way to figure out what is going on with them. 

You may not have known this, but you can manually increase the hatching speed of the egg that you are waiting for. All you need to do for this is just increase a setting called the “random tick speed”.

In its standard default setting, this speed will be stuck at a nice and leisurely 3. So, what we recommend is ramping that setting all the way up to 20000. 

This way, if the egg doesn’t hatch pretty much immediately, you will know that something else is stopping it from doing so. If you haven’t done this before, all you need to do is type in the following command into the game. 

/gamerule randomTickSpeed 20000

And that’s it. Hopefully, that has resolved the problem for you. If not, we are going to have to check a few other things to make sure they actually are able to hatch. 

2. It takes multiple ‘cracks’ before eggs hatch 

One thing you definitely need to know about turtle eggs is that they will make a cracking noise quite a few times before anything actually happens. Normally, they will crack 3 times, but this isn’t the case every time. 

When the eggs crack, you should also be seeing some green stuff coming out of the eggs. We’re not sure exactly what that is meant to be, but that’s how it happens. 

You can also assess where the egg is at in the hatching process by having a close look at it. If you’re seeing quite a lot of green stuff and the cracks are of a darker brown than they were, you won’t have long to wait.   

3. It all happens quicker at night 

It all happens quicker at night 

It seems that not many people know about this little quirk of the game, so we decided to add this in. The hatching rate of eggs is much quicker at night than it is during daylight hours. 

It is also of note that though you can put up to 4 eggs into a single block, it isn’t the best idea if you are time conscious. It slows down the process. 

The Last Word

Now, time for two very important factors that you may or may not have missed out on:

1. It is of utmost importance that you only try to hath turtle eggs on either red sand or regular sand. They just won’t hatch otherwise.

2. Turtle eggs will stop hatching when the player has gone to sleep or if they are more than 50 blocks away from the eggs. 

Hopefully, the vital piece of the puzzle that you needed to make your eggs hatch was in this article. If not, there is a chance that the eggs may just have glitched out. 

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