How To Show Light Levels In Minecraft?

minecraft show light levels
minecraft show light levels

There are different stats you can look up in Minecraft to improve your gameplay. This includes looking up coordinates to find the best level to look for diamonds or other ores. You can use commands in the game chat to enable coordinates. After you input the command, the coordinates should start showing up on the top left corner of your game.

Just like coordinates, you can look up light levels to help you manage monster spawns near your base or your mining setup. In this article, we will go over how you can activate light levels in Minecraft.

Minecraft Show Light Levels

One simple way to look at light levels is by pressing the F3 function key to show the debug menu. From there you can look at light source somewhere along the bottom section of the debug menu list. This will help you determine which areas have too little light and monsters can spawn in that area.

Using the function key will be your best option if don’t want to install any mods into your game. It is quite easy and you’ll have all the necessary information without having to put in any extra effort. But for some players, it can be quite hard to read the light levels and determine which areas have not enough light.

Another possible way to get light levels in your game is by using OptiFine + Danger Zone texture packs that make it quite simple for players to find which blocks can have a monster’s spawn. This will ensure that you don’t miss any spot where creepers can spawn and take out your structures. So just install the danger zone texture pack and you’ll be all set.

Using NEI mod will also help you out in clearing out the dark areas more efficiently, depending upon which version of the mod you’re on you can just press the F7 function key and light levels should start showing up for you. You can further manage your light levels by pressing the F9 function key to enable exact chunk boundaries. That way you can be sure which exact block has low light and whether or not monsters will be able to spawn in that area.

But if you still need to figure out exact light levels for each block then we recommend using the Light Level Overlay mod. This will help you manage your light sources more efficiently to light up your base and you won’t be left wondering which area can spawn monsters. You can also craft an item that informs you about danger using an iron ingot with the Redstone block on top.

This will create an alarm that will alert you when you are standing in an area where mobs can spawn. In which scenario you should immediately light up the area using torches or glow stones. Alarms are quite helpful if you don’t want to bother looking at light levels or installing different mods to determine which area you should light up.

Overall mods are the most effective alternative to use if you want to know exactly which areas have low light levels and which areas have sufficient light. When you’re building up large structures it can be quite difficult to just look at the debuff menu to determine where the light levels are not sufficient. So, for maximum convenience, we recommend that you use mods. The overall installation process is quite simple and won’t take you much time to install the mod in your game.

On the other hand, if you want the vanilla experience and don’t want to use any addons with the game then just using the debuff menu will get the job done. Just press F3 and look at the light stats to find out particular light areas where you’re standing. You are however unable to look at the light levels around you unless you’re using mods.

These were some ways you can get light levels to show in your Minecraft world. It can help you manage monster spawns more efficiently and you’ll never have to worry about monsters spawning in areas where you don’t expect them to. So, either install mods, use alarms, or simply open up the debug menu to get notified about light levels at your particular location.

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