How To Teleport To Bed In Minecraft

minecraft teleport to bed
minecraft teleport to bed

There are no limits to the adventures and possibilities in Minecraft. That is why gaming addicts are always seen watching Minecraft gameplays. You can never fully explore this game, just like this world, a vast entity that can never be fully understood. Teleport is an interesting phenomenon in which the player leaves his current place and is immediately transported to its target point. You can teleport almost everywhere, to the set coordinates, to any other player, to someplace, to spawn point, or the Minecraft teleport to bed is another option.

Teleportation can occur in various situations and is indicated by a sound. It shows that the process of teleportation is happening, and if you do not hear a sound, this means that certain entities might be traveling through the portals. You can teleport on all Minecraft platforms, i.e., on PC, mobile application, or on the console. However, the process is different on all these gadgets.

Teleport To Bed in Minecraft:

Teleport Command: 

/teleport command can send entities into chunks that are not even made. Chunks are a 16×16 block. In such a case, the chunks in which the player is teleported is designated as the newly generated chuck. The chunks around the destination of the player also become newly generated ones.

Teleport Syntax: 

The syntax for teleportation is available in both java and bedrock edition. So, use the one for the edition you are using.

Why is the bed so important? 

It is an essential block in the game. The player rests and sleeps in it. He cannot sleep in a bed occupied by another player but can take a villager’s bed. The major advantage of a bed is that the player can set a spawn point near it. When he enters the bed, the spawn point is automatically assigned to the bed he is resting on. This way, you know where you will respawn when you die. However, if the bed is not available, spawning will occur on the default world location. The bed plays a vital role in hiding from the mobs spawning.

In the survival and creative mode, teleporting is different.

Teleport in Survival mode: 

Either use the cheats or get an Ender Pearl. Ender Pearl is not an easily accessible item. It cannot be made and only be obtained through chests or ending the life of Endermen Mobs.

Teleport in Creative mode:

So, teleporting in PC and mobile requires activating cheats. These are available in the following editions: Java, Pocket, and Bedrock.

Teleport to bed:

The teleporting command is different according to the various editions. The easiest way to reach your bed is to kill yourself. When you respawn, you will be on the bed you last slept on.

For the Java 1.13 version, use the following commands:

/gamerule keepinventory true

/execute at (player/selector) run kill @s

/gamerule keepinventory false

Spawn Command: 

Another option is the spawn commands. /spawn. This command helps you teleport back to your bed location. The command will work when you have set the location. The full stop at the end of “/spawn.” is necessary, or else the command will not work.


Fly in the sky around the world and search for your bed by opening the map in McEdit. If you find your place, load the regular Minecraft and press F3. Here, you reach your destination. Do not forget to note down the coordinates to help you in the future.

What can you do to avoid being in a situation where you do not know your bed’s coordinates? Just write down the coordinates somewhere. If not, then follow this process:

Press the 3rd function key. Put all your items in a newly made chest. Then you have to kill yourself. When you come back, check the coordinates of your bed. Writing down the coordinates somewhere will help prevent any such happening in the future.

So, teleporting to bed is not easy. You might consider looking into other options like killing yourself to know your coordinates. Teleporting is a significant feature in the game, but it is not easy to use or understand. There is no direct method to teleport to bed, but you can use all the options mentioned above and see the best one for yourself.

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