5 Games Like Recettear (Alternatives To Recettear)

Recettear is a video game that is very popular among all those that are interested in shopkeeping games. It is an RPG that also doubles as a business management game, and it is very fun for a few simple reasons. Not only is it a game in which you’ll be managing and selling your resources … Read more

Top 5 Reading Games Like Prodigy (Alternatives To Prodigy)

Prodigy is a video game that many teachers and students from all around the globe are probably quite familiar with. That’s because it is now a video game played in many schools all across the world in order to help children learn mathematics. The game does this in a way that is both fun and … Read more

Top 5 Games Like World Of Tanks (Alternatives To World Of Tanks)

World of Tanks, also known as WoT for short, is a massively multiplayer online video game that was first released in 2010. Following its release in this year, World of Tanks went on to become much more famous than anyone had expected it to. Its brilliant combat which entirely consisted of tanks, as obvious from … Read more

5 Best Games Like Gunbound (Alternatives To Gunbound)

Gunbound is a F2P multiplayer game that features turn-based artillery gameplay. Developed by a South Korean company called Softnyx. Initially, the game was released only in South Korea in 2002. An official worldwide release came a whole year later. Gunbound manages to mix the elements of both a two-dimensional game as well as a ballistics-simulation … Read more

5 Best Games Like Torchlight (Games Similar To Torch Light)

Torchlight is a hack and slash action RPG game made by Runic Games, whereas published by Runic Games. Released back in 2009, the game can be played using Microsoft Windows, macOS X, Xbox 360, and Linux. It is set in Torchlight, which is a fictional town. Various dungeons and caverns are located near the town, … Read more

Top 5 Games Like Exteel (Alternatives To Exteel)

Exteel came out back in 2007 and was developed by NCSOFT. Exteel certainly became a game that was more popular than most might’ve ever expected it to be. This popularity was all thanks to the multiplayer experience that the game provided, which could certainly be considered very unique for the time. Not only was it … Read more

5 Best Games Like Aveyond (Games Similar To Aveyond)

Even if you haven’t played one of the games, it is very likely that you’ve at least heard about the Aveyond series once or twice if you’re an avid fan of RPG games. There were multiple different games that came out in the franchise, and the first one out of all was Ahriman’s Prophecy. This … Read more

Top 5 Games Like Crashlands (Games Similar To Crashlands)

In 2016, Butterscotch Shenanigans released an adorable looking game which was known as Crashlands. This game went on to become quite more popular than you’d expect it to be, especially among those that like to game on smartphones. It is a fun action and adventure RPG that puts players inside of a strange-looking planet. Said … Read more

5 Best Games Like Zoo Tycoon (Alternatives To Zoo Tycoon)

Zoo Tycoon is a whole series of simulation games that mainly revolves around construction, business, and management. The game series is made by Blue Fang Games and published by Microsoft Studio. As of now, there have been a number of different entries in the series. These games can be played through Microsoft Windows, macOS X, … Read more

Top 5 Games Like Fractured Space (Alternatives To Fractured Space)

Fractured Space came out not too many years ago and became popular among sci-fi video game fans almost immediately. It is primarily an online game that puts players in control of spaceships, obviously in the setting of space as well. Players control their ships and are free to go around exploring here and there, while … Read more

Top 5 Games Like Chocolatier (Alternatives To Chocolatier)

Chocolatier is a classic business management video game that was released back in 20117. There were many video games in the series and most of them were huge hits, with thousands upon thousands like them a lot. Even today, the games are played by many as a sort of a time pass, as they were … Read more