Java Edition vs Bedrock Edition In Minecraft

java vs bedrock minecraft
java vs bedrock minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most successful games ever released. The main reason why it is so successful is that there is no limit to what you can do. You’re only restricted by your imagination. There are thousands of different things for you to try.

Minecraft has 2 versions available which you can play on, one being the Java version and the other version is known as Bedrock. In this article, we will be going over a few differences between the Java version and the Bedrock version of Minecraft. This will help you decide which one you should start playing.

Java Edition vs Bedrock Edition In Minecraft:

Java Minecraft

It is also known as the original Minecraft that is available on the official Minecraft website, you have to make the payment on their official website to have access to this version of Minecraft. There is no link between the two versions, meaning there is no way to transfer your character from the Java version of Minecraft to the Bedrock version. So, it is necessary to have the same version of Minecraft as your friends if you want to play together.

  • Modding: Mods are fun to have in every game, this helps the players make the gameplay more creative. You can add-in custom character designs, change the mechanics, and come up with fun new ways to play the game. Mods enhance the creativity of players and are widely liked by the community. In the Java version of the game, there are multiple Mods you can choose from, you can add in the texture packs and so much more.
  • Hardcore Mode: This mode is only available on the Java version of Minecraft. Hardcore can be quite fun if you are aware of all the mechanics of the game and want to challenge yourself to how long you can survive. In this mode, if your character dies once you will lose all your progress. Hence, then name Hardcore. It is not recommended for casual players to play this mode because it can be quite frustrating to lose all your progress.
  • Spectator Mode: This mode is also only available in the Java version of the game and lets you roam around the world freely. It can be quite useful if you were planning on discovering new biomes and find out different kinds of treasure. In the normal mode, it can take up a lot of time to discover all the different areas of your world. This is where the spectator mode comes in. This mode saves you a lot of time and you can have more fun exploring new areas.
  • Compatibility: The java version is not known for its cross-platform gameplay. It can only support a limited number of platforms on which you can play. This includes Windows, Mac, and Linus. So, It can be quite annoying if you want to play with your friends and they have a console.

However, overall, this version of Minecraft is great. You get the original experience the game was intended to provide. Not to mention all the Modding you can do to enhance your gameplay. Lastly, there are a lot of minigames you can play on the Multiplayer servers provided by this version of Minecraft.

Bedrock Minecraft

All in all, both the bedrock and the java versions of the game provide you with almost the same level of gameplay. But when you look at other things like player base, Optimization, Modding, and so on. It becomes quite obvious how different both of these versions are from each other. Let us go over some unique aspects of the Bedrock version of Minecraft

  • Cross-Platform Gameplay: This version of the game has cross-platform gameplay enabled which means that there is no further need to worry about not getting to play with your friends that are on consoles or mobile phones. This version of the game supports PC, consoles, mobile phones, Nintendo Switch, and even some specific smart devices like a smart TV. This gives you the freedom to play on your device of choice and not get restricted by compatibility issues.
  • Performance: As mentioned before this version of the game can be played on your smartphones. Even if your smartphone is 5 years old it shouldn’t have much trouble in running the game on low settings. This shows how optimized this version of the game is. That means now you don’t have to worry about low FPS anymore. Even a mid-range computer or console can run this version without any issue.
  • Mechanics: A lot of players have mentioned that overall, this version of the game is easier to play, all you have to do is keep spamming without giving any thought to whether or not your strikes will hit anything. In the Java version of the game, your character had a brief cooldown in between strikes and you had to focus a bit to make every strike count. So as a casual player your version of choice should be the Bedrock edition.
  • Modding: Unfortunately, unlike the Java version you’re restricted and not allowed to install the majority of mods in your game. This can take a bit of fun out of the game as mods enhanced the overall outlook and experience of the game. This is one of the main reasons why people don’t prefer to play the Bedrock version of the game.


Overall, both of these versions can be incredibly fun to play. But to decide on which one you should play you have to first ask yourself some questions. These include the platform your friends play on, the performance stats of your computer, and whether or not you want to play the game casually.

If your computer system is not good enough and just want to play the game casually then we recommend that you go with the Bedrock version of the game. Otherwise, if your PC is powerful then the Java version should be your choice. It can be so much fun to play with mods on, not to mention all the mini-games on the multiplayer servers.

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