Minecraft Compass Is Not Pointing to Bed? (2 Things To Do)

minecraft compass not pointing to bed
minecraft compass not pointing to bed

Minecraft is a world that features biomes that are ready to be explored by the player. It is stated that the game features infinite terrain, which if true, could be overwhelming for the player at times. With so much to explore in the game, a player is bound to get lost.

This is where navigation item comes into play, such as the compass. A compass is a craftable item in Minecraft that can be obtained fairly easily in the game. The main use of the compass in the game is to point the player at a location.

Minecraft Compass Not Pointing to Bed?

The compass is a very useful tool in Minecraft that can be quite effective if a player needs to make his way back after getting lost. It will direct the player to the world spawn no matter where he currently is.

However, quite a few players seem to misunderstand the use of the compass. They get confused about the compass not pointing to their bed. This is because it isn’t really supposed to point to your bed. As already mentioned above, the compass points to the world spawn, not to your bed. The world spawn is the place where you first spawned in the game.

Luckily there are a few things that you can do in order to still make the compass useful for making your way to the bed. There are multiple things you can do. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Make a Path from World Spawn to Your Bed

One thing you can do is to make a separate path that goes from the world spawn straight to your bed. You can use any block to mark your path as you make your way from one place to the other.

The easier way to do this is to start from your bed and use the compass. The compass will lead you from your bed to the world spawn. Keep marking your path as you go. Once you reach the world spawn, you will have made a recognizable path from the world spawn to your bed.

2. Change Your World Spawn

Another thing you can do is to completely change your world spawn to where you have placed your bed. This can be done by using the list of commands that are available in Minecraft.

To change your world spawn, simply use the command /setworldspawn. This command will let you change the world spawn wherever you want. You will need to restart the game for the command to properly execute itself. Just in case, make sure there is no blockage to your bed.

The Bottom Line

If your compass is not pointing to the bed in Minecraft, then there is nothing to worry about as the compass isn’t supposed to do so! In this article, we have made sure to explain everything we can about the compass, and also tell you how you can use your compass to make way to your bed!

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