Accuracy Explained in Golf Clash

golf clash accuracy
golf clash accuracy

There are plenty of stats that matter when playing Golf Clash. They can affect your shots in multiple ways. These stats are mostly incorporated in a club. A good club has all of these stats packed in with any one of these stats at a very high level. Higher levels require a better club with better stats as the game gets harder. To truly succeed and start winning more games in Golf Clash, players need to get a better grasp of these concepts.

Although there are numerous stats that come into play while playing, accuracy is one of the more important ones. When talking about accuracy, many players seem to get the wrong idea. Because of this, players often ignore the stat, where in reality, it’s a very important stat of the game. Understanding how accuracy works are crucial.

Once a player understands how accuracy works in the game, only then can he pick the right club to use. He will also be able to familiarize himself with the wind properly as well.

There’s a misconception among players that accuracy is actually responsible for slowing down your meter when you are timing the shots. This is not true at all. Accuracy does no such thing. It only affects your aimed shots.

Understanding Accuracy in Golf Clash

We’ve made this guide to help players and explain to them how accuracy works. After reading the article, you will be able to utilize accuracy in the game. To properly understand accuracy in Golf Clash, first, let’s have a look at what it really does:

How Accuracy Really Works in the Game

While targeting a shot in Golf Clash, you can see a whole ring around the place where you want your ball to land. These rings actually aid you so you can adjust the wind accordingly. Adjusting a wind is another important topic in Golf Clash. We’ve already covered a whole article on adjusting wind using wind charts in Golf Clash.

Within the ring, you can see an inner small yellow ring. This is actually the place where your ball will land. For better understanding, let’s suppose there is a completely zero wind state. Suppose you make a perfect shot. The ball never lands in the same place where you see it. You can see that It will constantly land inside the mentioned yellow ring.

To make things even further, down below is an image where can compare the accuracy of Extra Miles vs the Sniper. You can obviously see that Extra Miles has a larger ring area, which means that it has lower accuracy. On the other hand, the Sniper has a much smaller ring area, indicating that it has higher accuracy.

extra mile vs sniper

Unfortunately, there are no clubs with perfect accuracy. A player’s shot will always vary inside the ring. It won’t land at the exact spot where you want the ball to land. However, what you can do is to completely minimize the variation of where your ball is going to land. Of course, this can only be done using a club with higher accuracy. This means that with less and less accuracy, your perfect shots are going to get less and less effective.

So, Does Accuracy Really Affect your Meter?

You might have an idea of how accuracy functions in Golf Clash. Accuracy has no effect on your meter. It won’t slow down the meter while you’re in the process of timing the perfect shot. As a matter of fact, higher accuracy won’t really have any bad effect on any of your gameplay elements.

Unless you’re planning to lose a game, higher accuracy will never hurt your game. It will only help you hit your shots much more accurately. So, the answer to the question is NO, there isn’t even a slight connection between accuracy and slowing down of meters.

But how Important is Accuracy in the Game then?

Accuracy is undoubtedly one of the most important club stats in Golf Clash. Especially in the late game, having higher accuracy will help the player in plenty of situations. In contrast, clubs with lower accuracy will make your shots less accurate. This means even if the player hits a perfect shot, his ball’s landing won’t be as accurate. The ball could land anywhere inside the yellow ring, which might render your shot useless in a few situations.

As already mentioned, there isn’t a negative side of having higher accuracy. You will only benefit from the stat. Many players don’t seem to care about accuracy that much. In reality, accuracy can be a winning factor in a handful of situations.

So, if you’re wondering if it’s worth having a club with pretty high accuracy? It definitely is, as in some situations, only a club with good accuracy will help you get going. It is important to have a balance on these stats, as the opposite might also be true. Some situations require the player to have minimum accuracy.


In Golf Clash, there are plenty of aspects that matter while making a shot. For instance, a player needs to adjust the wind beforehand. Afterward, he also has to time his shot for making the perfect shot. Once this is done, other aspects such as the club’s stats and the golf ball’s stats also affect the shot.

Clearly, this is done to keep providing the player with a good challenge. This is also done to make sure the game stays exciting for the player. Even after making a flawless shot, anything could go wrong with the shot. This is especially the case when players with the same amount of skill level try to play against each other.

We hope that now you have a better understanding of accuracy and it’s working. To counter this, all you can do is get a club with better accuracy. While performing your best, you will have to rely on your luck as well.

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