Golf Clash Tour 9 Complete Guide

golf clash tour 9
golf clash tour 9

Tour 9 can be a lot more difficult than the previous Tours. At this point, the game starts to become exceptionally hard. You will start to get very tough opponents in matchmaking. Winning will require you to have a proper strategy. As Tour 9 is near the end game, it is one of the most difficult Tours to play.

Golf Clash Tour 9 Guide

We’ve made a complete guide on Golf Clash Tour 9 to help players win their matches. For each hole in the Tour, we’ve made a walkthrough. We’ve also recommended the best clubs you can use for each Tour. Here is the guide for each tour listed below:

  1. Hole 1: Par 3

tour 9 hole 1

Best Clubs for the Hole = Viper and Sniper

For the first hole, you can start with 3 different options. Bounce either in front, right, or left of the bunker and go for the green.

Playing from the middle line in front of the bunker is the most common play here. Going for a hole-in-one is unlikely as the rough is uneven. Instead, bouncing on either side of the bunker is much more effective. You might need strong curl, backspin, or sidespin to do this. Once done, you will have a straight path for the pin.

  1. Hole 2: Par 4

tour 9 hole 2

Best Clubs for the Hole = Big Topper or Apocalypse

When there’s no tailwind, go for the left line and safely bounce the ball on the fairway. You will have a pretty good chance for an eagle using a short iron afterward.

In the case of strong tailwind, reaching the green is possible with only one shot. If you’re lucky enough, you can get a hole-in-one. Similarly, bounce the ball on the right using topspin (at the end of the fairway). Your ball will now bounce for the second time, most probably on the rough, and go towards the green.

  1. Hole 3: Par 3

tour 9 hole 3

Best Clubs for the Hole = Quaterback and Sniper OR Apocalypse and Extra Mile

The most common play here is on the left side. Just add a nice amount of curl, coupled with the maximum amount of sidespin.

You need to land the ball outside the green which is quite near the pin. Adding a bit of backspin will allow your ball not to go in too fast, and let it roll down to the pin.

If done right, the right side will give you a hole-in-one. Although it can be tricky, we recommend you to use frontspin and curl here. Your ball will go over the bunker. If the ball is directed toward the green, you will get your hole-in-one.

  1. Hole 4: Par 4

tour 9 hole 4

Best Clubs for the Hole = Goliath and Thorn

This hole can be played on both the left side and the right. We’d recommend going left only when there is no strong crosswind. You can easily go for the green in your first hit. The right side is a lot safer but might cost you 2 shots before you can reach the green.

Before going for the pin, just add a bit of backspin. We recommend skipping the middle line here. Only use the middle line in case of a strong tailwind.

  1. Hole 5: Par 3

tour 9 hole 5

Best Clubs for the Hole = Extra Mile or Quaterback

According to many players, this hole is one of the hardest holes in Tour 9. In reality, it’s just a bit tricky. The green slopes down facing right at the pin. So, just use curl and sidespin to make a curve, allowing the ball to go towards the green. Now, the slope will do the job for you. If you’re feeling unlucky, you can always go for the birdie, instead of the pin.

  1. Hole 6: Par 5

tour 9 hole 6

Best Clubs for the Hole = Sniper and Cataclysm OR Big Dawg

If you want to play safe here, go for the right side while bouncing on the fairway trying to go as far as you can. With enough luck, you can go over the bunker, you can go to the green.

If you want to get done in two shots, a certain level of skill will be needed. Do the first shot just the same, but on the second shot, use both overpower and curl. Likewise, if you don’t mess your overpowered second shot, your ball will go to the pin on the second shot.

  1. Hole 7: Par 5

tour 9 hole 7

Best Clubs for the Hole = Sniper and Viper

In case you somehow don’t have a good backspin by now, go for the blue line. Prevent going towards the bunker. For the second shot, aim near the rough placed right next to the green. If you do this right, you will get your albatross or birdie.

The red line offers more but is difficult. You will need to bounce right on the green using all the backspin you can manage. You will now have a higher chance of albatross or a hole-in.

  1. Hole 8: Par 4

tour 9 hole 8

Best Clubs for the Hole = Extra Mile and Goliath

The play here is to try and bounce the ball over the bunker. Add the maximum amount of topspin and sidespin towards the right which will make your ball go towards the green. Only play on the right side if you have a strong headwind. Your ball will go for the green after making it to the fairway. However, a hole-in-one is pretty difficult.

  1. Hole 9: Par 5

tour 9 hole 9

Best Clubs for the Hole = Sniper and Big Dawg

Players like to go for the blue line here. The problem is, there is a high chance of going in too short when there is a strong headwind. In such cases, go for the red line.

Playing from the red line will need you to go over the trees. Your ball will bounce directly in front of the green. Similarly, use max backspin to make sure that it stays on the green. Now, the blue line should easily get you on the green using a bit of curl and bouncing over the bunker.

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