Best Sand Wedge To Use In Golf Clash For Each Tour

golf clash best sand wedge
golf clash best sand wedge

There is a variety of different clubs that players can use in Golf Clash. There are also different types of clubs in the game and each of these clubs is used in different situations. For example, you use the driver for some situations and the short iron for different situations.

One of the different types of clubs in the game is the sand wedge. As its name suggests, this club is used when the ball is in the bunker, the region filled with sand. The wedge provides a huge bounce on the ball and is obviously great for getting the ball out of the bunker. There are also many different sand wedges in the game, just like there are many clubs in general.

All of these sand wedges are good and can do their job. However, some of them are better than others. You’ll obviously want to use the best sand wedge that you possibly can, but this is easier said than done. It is hard to decide which one of the sand wedges is better than the rest, as all of them have their advantages. Here is a guide that can help you determine which sand wedge is best in the game.

Best Sand Wedge to Use in Golf Clash

There is no certain answer to this question. There are many different courses in Golf Clash and there are multiple holes in each of these courses. There are different sand wedges that can be considered the best for each specific course and tour. Here is a list that can help you learn more about this.

Best Sand Wedge for Tour 1

best sand wedge for tour 1

You can use whatever sand wedge you want for Tour 1. You won’t have much of a variety of clubs to choose from meaning that you can select any club you want. You’ll only be able to use the beginner sand wedge for the majority of this tour.

Best Sand Wedge for Tour 2

best sand wedge for tour 2

Just like the previous tour, you won’t have many different clubs to choose from. It is highly unlikely that you have too many sand wedges to pick from, which is why you can just use the ones that are available to you.

Best Sand Wedge for Tour 3


Tour 3 is where things start to get serious in terms of sand wedges. You’ll be able to unlock the Malibu on this tour, which is what you should try to do immediately. The Malibu is one of the best Sand Wedges in the game and you should get it as quickly as possible. Once you’ve unlocked the club, you should continue using it for the entirety of Tour 3.

Best Sand Wedge for Tour 4


You’ll start to compete against players that are actually a little good when you play Tour 4. This means that you’ll need to start using good clubs. However, the sand wedge doesn’t play a huge role in this specific tour. You can keep using the Malibu from Tour 3 without having to upgrade it at all.

Best Sand Wedge for Tour 5


As mentioned, the Malibu is one of the best sand wedges in the game. You can use it for many tours which is why you don’t have to make any changes to your preferred sand wedge for Tour 5. It is recommended that you try to upgrade the Malibu to at least level 2 for this tour.

Best Sand Wedge for Tour 6


Sand wedges are one of the most important club types for this specific tour and all of its courses. You’ll want to avoid bunkers as much as possible on this tour. However, if you accidentally land the ball in the bunker, you’ll need a good sand wedge to bail you out.

The Malibu will continue to be the best possible sand wedge you can use which is why you should continue using it. You should upgrade it as well, as a level 4-5 Malibu is great for this tour and its holes.

Best Sand Wedges for Tour 7


Continue using the Malibu and upgrade it. It will help you greatly for some of the holes in this Tour which is why you shouldn’t shy away from upgrading it as often as possible. A level 5-6 Malibu is great for Tour 7.

Tour 7 is also the tour where you’ll unlock the best sand wedge in the game, which is the Spitfire. It is recommended that you don’t use this sand wedge straight away as an upgraded Malibu is much better than a level one Spitfire.

Best Sand Wedges for Tour 8


Keep on using the Malibu as it is your best option for the time being. However, once it reaches level 7-8, it is recommended that you stop upgrading it and focus on upgrading the Spitfire instead. The upgrades you make to the Malibu will only be a waste of money after this point.

Best Sand Wedges for Tour 9


This is where things start to get serious and interesting. The competition will be much better than all of the previous tours, which is why you need to be at the top of your game, while also focusing on all your clubs.

You can continue using your level 8 Malibu, or you could switch to your Spitfire, but only if it is level 5 or above. You can compare the stats for both the Malibu and Spitfire and decide to use whichever one you want accordingly.

Best Sand Wedges for Tour 10


Everything said in the description for Tour 9 can also be implied here. It is highly recommended that you start upgrading your Spitfire as much as possible to prepare you for the upcoming tour, and this one as well.

Best Sand Wedges for Tour 11


Lastly, the best sand wedge for Tour 11 is a highly upgraded Spitfire. There is no other acceptable option than this, which is why you’ll want to maximize the stats of your Spitfire sand wedge as quickly as possible while playing on this tour.

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