Is Golf Clash Rigged? (Explained)

is golf clash rigged
is golf clash rigged

Thousands of players that play Golf Clash have complained many times about how they feel that the game is rigged and causing them to lose matches. These players believe that the game is causing them to lose again and again so that they’ll make in-game purchases with real money.

This is one of the oldest debates that have been going on in the Golf Clash community. You can ask anyone about this issue and they’ll have their own views on it. Many people that believe that the game is rigged have some solid evidence to support their claims, while people that say that the game is fair to make some interesting points as well.

However, Playdemic, the developers of Golf Clash, have obviously denied claims that the game is rigged and ignored all evidence. This has led even more players to believe that Golf Clash might be rigged. Here is a detailed look into the issue in order to decide once and for all whether or not Golf Clash is rigged.

Is Golf Clash Rigged?

This issue and debate have been around since the early days of the game. A few players were complaining across many different social media platforms that the game forces them to lose matches. However, these claims got more serious when players were able to get hard evidence about the fact that the game uses replays.

In any 1v1 game, you’d expect to play against another human player. This can’t always be the case for games like Golf Clash, as there aren’t millions of users playing all the time. This lack of players can lead to severely long loading times in an attempt to find another human player, which is obviously frustrating.

There are multiple games out there that encounter this problem. Their players have to wait in a queue for several minutes before they can play a single match. This is especially true for the higher levels of a game, as there aren’t many players that might be on that level. This ruins the fun for the players, which is why Playdemic and other developers use two different methods to satisfy their users.

One method is to make the matchmaking algorithm much less strict. This allows players to be matched against players that are considerably weaker or stronger than them. Even though this prevents long loading times, it isn’t an effective solution. This is due to the fact that the matches won’t be fun for either player due to the difference in their quality.

The other method, the one which Playdemic uses for Golf Clash, is to match players against players that are only semi-human. Semi-human players are just recordings of what other players did. The game simulates these recordings in a way that makes a player believe that their opponent is a human.

This is a good method to fix the issue, but only if it is handled well. In this case, it must be said that Golf Clash and Playdemic have definitely not used this method properly. For example, you might frequently encounter replays of players that were able to get hole-in-ones or a double eagle. These sorts of performances are obviously very hard to beat which is why so many players think that Golf Clash is rigged.

Players are usually matched against these replays when players are on a long winning streak or when players are performing well in general. When this happens, the game purposely matches you again replays that are hard to beat. Golf Clash does this in order to provide you with a challenge after you’re performing too well.

Players also get matched against replays when they have a lot of trophies but are playing in the lower tours. It’s obvious that there won’t be many players with a similar amount of trophies as you in a lower tour, which is why the game matches you with a replay instead.

In the end, it has to be said that Golf Clash isn’t rigged. The game is just bad at handling its replay method which is why so many players believe that it is rigged. In the end, all you can do is keep practicing in order to beat even the best replays.

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  1. Golf Crash is definitely rigged !!!
    I doubt that Playdemics geek programmers have even seen a golf course.
    It is riddled with inconsistencies. There is no reason for their interpretation of the effects of wind.
    The “ball guide” is an absolute joke !
    Just because your opponent uses an “inferior” ball and club doesn’t mean he won’t out-drive you by 100 yards.
    Never send Playdemic’s geeks a message about the inconsistencies. After that, you’ll be lucky to win one in twenty games.
    This * app. is designed to make you spend money as your frustration level rises.

    • The replay system also leaves room for vendetta if a programmer is opposed to the political name of a clan as many are. We had to assign the presidency to our weakest shooter in an anti Trump clan. Presidents started losing so many, nobody wanted the position.
      I wonder now if I have ever played myself.

  2. Every time I get to 180,000 to 200,000 coins I would suffer a 7 to 10 game losing streak. This has happened to me 4 times. After the last losing streak I deleted the game. Very frustrating.

    • Me too!! Anytime I get close to matching the trophies needed to move on or after I win like 4 games in a row
      I’ll go a whole day without winning a match and I will get beat by eagles or lucky sudden death shots.. I thought it was just me

  3. My issue with the matching is there is no why out other than forfeit your coins. If you feel unfairly matched you should be able to opt out. You may at first appear matched. You may see they are in you tier, by their banner, but what you won’t see until their first shot is the level of updated clubs they are using.
    Then at the end, the game shows their tournament experience after you’ve lost.
    That to me is the part that is rigged, that you as a player have no choice about opponents.

  4. Absolutely agree. Accumulate coins and BAMM, matched against a for superior player with far superior equipment. LOSS OF COINS! I have complained several times to the “help” desk, only to be told that matches are based on trophy count and NOT. experience or equipment. WRONG!!
    I’m dun!!!!!!

    • The game matches the highest number of trophies. So in the beginning of a new tour you might meet easier opponents and gain trophies which in the end makes you lose and lose but still meet more experienced and superiour opponents.

  5. It is obvious that the game leans very heavy to those that spend money. Such as heavy wind shifts from 8 mph for non paying players to 3 mph for paying customers. Ball that suddenly fall in from bad shots for paying customers to , to balls that cannot have any degree of inaccuracy for non paying customers. And then the playoffs, using same club ball and wind hit exactly the same but gigantically different results. Net results if you do not spend money, you will not advance very far

  6. I love the comments above, been playing Golf Clash 4 years. True you lose games to people pay to play That’s a fact. Wind consistancy varies way to much from one golfer to another. I vetting to the point I’m going to get rid of game. I play on 4 other golf games and do not nearly have the problems on Golf Clash. Tired of heary I have bad connection, your the only game I have a bad connection so YRS the game is definatley RIGGED, Golf Clash answer play more.

    • I heard that they store lucky pre-recorded holes played by players that played the hole from the past. It makes no sense that someone can hit a “perfect” shot out of the rough from 80 yds out and get it in the hole in 9-10 mph winds without using rings or measuring distance, elevation, etc.. especially when you see they’ve only played a couple hundred games and no tournaments. This is an algorithm that makes it almost impossible to win the hole unless your someone like Tommy or Neo who are the best players in the world and it happens one game after another that we consider “losing streaks”. I will quit for a while then go back in to find myself winning 4,5,10 in a row. with completely different level of players who are actually real. Something to think about.

  7. Appears to be rigged for all the same reasons stated above. As soon as you start winning regularly your opponents missed hits start dropping in from anywhere and everywhere.

  8. You clowns that claim it’s rigged just have a problem recognizing and then working on your own shortcomings. Do you honestly think this game would be as popular as it is by stealing from its consumers ?!?! If your accusations were true, simple business economics would show this as a model with a very short life cycle. This game is definitely not that. EA Sports purchased Golf Clash for $1.4 Billion dollars. Doubtful they would have paid that for a game that was in self destruct mode.

    • This is the worst argument I’ve read yet. Your own poorly worded rationale contradicts and then eats itself. Of course EA would buy a game that has this level of earnings, regardless of how it manages to do so. People keep coming back and spend their money to win. We don’t like it but they have succeeded.

  9. Be patient and don’t rush through the tours. Your the same noobs that rushed your base in clash of clans then quit because you realized your outmatched😂

  10. I have two accounts, one p2p (about £10 a month) one f2p, started both 9 months or so ago.
    30mil in p2p with Rookie1,2 and pro3 golds tournament wins playing tour 9 with titans.
    12mil in f2p with Rookie 2, pro2 and Expert 1 golds playing tour 7. Navs, quasar and marlins
    Difference is speed you go through tours, club upgrades and gain bankroll, yes it can be tricky and you go through losing spells, but i do on both accounts.
    I tend to have better tournament success on my f2p with lesser clubs and balls, (I have over 150 km’s, only use them for tourney par 5’s accumulated for when I get higher).
    It’s taking it slow to build up Bankroll and clubs to some extent, but mainly its knowing every blade of grass, elevation change and length of your clubs on a tour to dial it in until prepared for a losing streak as you move up not knowing the course and being out clubbed, but you learn, that’s the challenge and the reason people come back.
    But honestly, I think if anyone is devoting as much time to something as it seems so many are, myself included, then doesn’t it seem right that it should be funded by those that enjoy it? And shouting about its so unfair to have been entertained for any period of time for free is pretty audacious, to say its a scam means you would have have to have spent money, or was the last ‘x’ playing the game an elaborate long con where the developers get nothing from those that so choose.
    If its “fixed” when you get to that point and “it” dumps your coins. Delete it, start a new account, why would you care what you’d built up? You have paid nothing for it, at least then when you restart, the game won’t “be against you” and you’ll have a little knowledge of it.
    But seriously, less time whining more time practicing for some I think.
    Or play golf rival if you want to see true fixed golf 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. The game blows.
    I have played it for years trying to gain and it cannot be done. I have deleted this game about 10 times just to start over with a different approach and it makes no difference.
    You play like jack Nickalous in the beginning and when you start spending the coins and gems to upgrade the game changes and no matter what you do the other guy always beats you. Usually in the play off.
    This game has a revenue of 2 million dollars a day. A DAY. it’s an addicting game that builds you up only to get you to buy something by making you think you need those upgrades and those better clubs that you never seem to get no matter how many times you play that level.
    It’s a scam. Look at that 99 dollar upgrade. How many fools fall for this one thinking they will be on the way to being a pro. Bull.
    If you delete the game and start again you play the same people every time for the first 5 or 6 games.
    It’s a scam and it’s all about marketing to get you to spend money to make you think you will play better and advance. You won’t. Even if you spend the money they will entice you even more with “deals” you will never be the champ of golf clash. Only the chump.

  12. Nope it ain’t you. It’s funny how I get a perfect shot and it wounded ducks into the water or in shootout I get with 1 yard and the other gets a hole in one

  13. Having played a few games, alot, I like other players have shots/clubs and ball combos dialed in. I do not expect perfect results but…when the shot is not even close bs. Customer support is canned and non existent. good luck mates

  14. Frustrating and definitely something ‘not quite right’. I can go a few days hitting ‘Perfect’ shots but getting beaten by unbelievable shots from the opponent. Opponents end up behind a tree and can suddenly (using magic) aim directly at the flag. You nail a shot to within a couple of inches, your opponent fires out of the rough or sand from 150 yds and drains the ball. You go to a play off and hit the perfect shot, allowing for wind only to watch your ball fly off course. You can have a great winning streak and then go days without winning. If it’s not fixed, then there’s definitely something going on.

  15. Yes replays commonly happened mostly in the early hours between 1 o’clock and 7 AM. You will notice if you see three dots blinking next to finding players, it’s most likely that you are playing a replay. The best time I have noticed is to play during weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. A lot of players are so addicted to this game, that they will play at work and often forfeit or run out of time due to being at work. I have found Thursday between three and 8:00 PM is when I have major winning streaks. I stay away from Friday nights through Sunday nights . Even though these are real players most of the time these players are usually well advanced and only play on weekends so be prepared to lose a few games. I have talk to tech-support about this issue several times and all I get in return is that I should play more often . Do not buy into these tricks of them getting you to keep playing games over and over thinking you’re going to win. It should only take less than eight or nine seconds to find a player that is real. When you start seeing the three dots blinking you are most likely playing against replays.
    Hope this helps!

  16. I think the game is rigged at times for many of the reasons already mentioned. And i have sworn to myself many times that I will never play this game again… only to return. I’m down to just under 200 000 coins now and was at over 2 000 000 at one point. I’ve lost about 75% of the last 200 games, even games where I know my shots were better than my opponent’s. The wind is inconsistent. A wind of 5 mph for example, does not always push the ball 5mph. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less. Backspins / Forward spins are a crapshoot at best too sometimes. Sometimes a small backspin makes the ball stop dead in its tracks but other times, it’ll roll for miles! And one other thing I noticed is that when trying to shoot the ball, sometimes the needle jerks thereby turning what would otherwise have been a perfect shot into a just great or good shot. And also on occasion, the shot is less than ideal since the needle comes to a sudden brief stop thereby throwing off your aim as well. This needle jerking thing is not something that is picked up in replays, but I know it happens because I experience it. And yes, I also see it happen to my opponents but for every time it happens to them, it happens to me 5 times as much.


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