4 Ways To Get Free Coins In Golf Clash

golf clash free coins
golf clash free coins

Coins are a very important currency in Golf Clash. Players cannot play matches without them, nor can they perform upgrades on their clubs. Regardless of this, many people don’t understand their importance and waste these coins.

These players usually lose all their money thanks to bad bankroll management or long losing streaks. The worst part about going broke in Golf Clash is the fact that it takes a lot of time to earn enough money to continue playing on your current tour. Because of this very reason, many players completely stop playing the game after going broke.

If you wish to prevent something like this happening to you, you need to know more about maintaining your coins and getting as coins as possible for free. Speaking of which, here is a guide that can help you learn more about getting coins for free in Golf Clash.

The Best Coin Farming Method in Golf Clash

There is a popular method to farm for coins in Golf Clash that all the top players use in order to make sure that they don’t run out of coins. This method requires players to collect all of the free coins that they possibly can and pair them with a solid bankroll management technique. In order to learn more about this technique, you’ll need to learn more about getting free coins and bankroll management.

How to Get Free Coins in Golf Clash

There are multiple sources that can provide you with free coins on a daily basis. These sources are discussed below along with how you should manage all of them.



You probably know about the free chest that players get after a select number of hours. These free chests are the most popular source of free coins in the game and can provide you with enough coins to upgrade your clubs and more. This is especially true if you know how to manage these coins and open as many free chests on a daily basis as possible.

There are also other chests that you get on a regular basis by playing and winning games. These chests are referred to as tour chests and you need to open as many of these as possible in order to get coins and cards for your clubs. The rewards in these chests get better and better as you get more trophies and advance through the tours.

Lastly, there are also the pin chests, which provide great rewards, especially in the higher tours. You need to keep playing matches in order to earn this chest. You need to get 8 pins to unlock this chest. Once you get these 8 pins, you’ll get great rewards. These rewards are especially useful for players at the lowest and highest tours.

In short, just keep playing the game and you’ll keep getting coins. You’ll also be able to get some coins by simply logging on for a few seconds and unlocking your free chests. This only takes a short amount of time and it is highly recommended that you do it as much as possible.


The game also allows players to watch ads every now and then in order to earn a few free coins. This offer pops up randomly and lets players get 50 coins after every ad that they watch. Keep in mind that this is only good for players that are just starting out the game, as 50 coins aren’t a lot for any players in the higher tours.

Again, it is recommended that you just log on to the game every now and then and watch these ads. However, this is only recommended for the lower level players as 50 coins are only a useful amount of money for them.

Weekly Coins

weekly coins

There is a weekly tournament in Golf Clash that players can take part in. Qualifiers for these tournaments are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Simply playing and winning these qualifiers is more than enough to get a lot of coins at the end of each week.

Qualifying for these tournaments is very easy, as you get three chances and your opponents can be bad some of the time. This is why you need to capitalize on the opportunity and win these qualifying matches. This is more than enough to get some coins, however, you should try to win matches in the tournament as well. The rewards for winning games in the weekly tournament are great and extremely helpful for players of all levels.

Gifts from Friends

gift coins

Gifts from friends are the best source of free coins in the entire game. Obviously, you don’t have as many friends as you’ll need in order to get a meaningful amount on a daily basis. However, there are some groups on Facebook that can help you with this.

These groups are filled with players that play the game and have friended each other. All of them send coins to each other on a daily basis. You should try joining one of these groups and friending these people so that you can get a lot of coins every day.

If you manage to friend enough people, you’ll be able to get 15,000-20,000 free coins on a daily basis. This is a great amount, even for the players that play in the highest of tours. If you manage all of these coins properly, you’ll never go broke.

How can you Use All of These Coins?

Lastly, now that you know how to get all these coins, you also need to know how to spend them. These free coins won’t provide you with all you need to upgrade and play in the higher tours. This is why you need to save them and not spend them straight away on little things.

Manage these coins and use them to get upgrades for your clubs. Not using these coins is also an option. You can save them up and keep them as a back-up to prevent yourself from going broke.

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