Golf Clash: Shootout holes And How To Win

golf clash shootout holes
golf clash shootout holes

Every game got a tie, and there are some ways to break that tie. In Golf Clash, you get to break the tie with these shootout holes. The higher you bring up the rank, the more experienced players are matched so the chances of ties are increased simultaneously. Hence, there is a high chance that you will have to win through these shootout holes more often when you are above tour 8. If you and your opponents are on the same number of hits to finish, you will get one chance each at a shootout hole to win the game.

Shootout Holes in Golf Clash

These shootout holes may sound like a big deal for you but it is pretty simple. You just have to get closer to the pin than your opponent in one shot. In simpler words, all you need to do is land your ball at a closer distance to a specified pin than your opponent. There are high chances of winning at shootout holes, but you got only one shot and that means sometimes luck can fail you too. You need to learn some cool tricks to ensure that you are winning these shootout holes and have a better chance of growing forward.

shootout hole

Some of the most important things that can help you prepare for these shootout holes in Golf Clash and increase your chances towards winning these holes are:


Experience matters and there is no second thought about that. There are several shootout holes in the golf clash that you might get. These holes are assigned randomly so there is no possible way for you or your opponent to know what hole you will be getting in advance.

However, if you have played at that shootout hole before, that would increase your chances of winning the hole. If you are playing golf clash for sometimes, there are more possibilities that you might already have played at the hole. The more shootout holes you play, the more experience you will have, and a familiar shootout hole do trigger a significant amount of relief for you along with boosting the confidence.


Luck plays the most important part in shootout holes as you might have to try something new that you have not to experience with. This means you will have to rely on your instincts and give it a shot. You might get lucky with a better shot than your opponent, or they can make a lousy mistake for your win.

Getting a second shot is also lucky for you as you will know what swing and power your opponent has used so you can follow or improvise their strategy for good. Luck is important here as well because you are randomly assigned shots while you are at a shootout hole so you can never be sure who will be having the first go at their shootout hole.

Play Safe

If you are having first shot at a shootout hole, make sure that you give your best but don’t play a shot that can simply be copied by overpowering it. You need to do a complex shot that is hard for your opponent to copy and gives them a run for their money. With such shots, they will need to customize their setup and change the strategy totally to have a better shot. Don’t take many risks against the odds or play any crazy shot that can land you in trouble.

Know the importance

You must realize that this is one shot that has to decide the conclusion of the game so you need to play it accordingly. Make sure that you are paying enough heed to the details and know the importance of that shot.

You need to avoid any silly mistakes that would make you lose as there are no second chances at a shootout hole. A slight mistake can cause you to lose the hole, course, or even a tournament at a shootout hole so you should step in, knowing what you are in for.

Choose the right club

Club choice is very important for any shootout hole. You need to make sure that you come up with the best gear that goes well with the strategy you have in mind and the terrain. A right club can increase your chances of winning the shootout hole greatly.

Think of a strategy

A right strategy can take you a long way. Hence, you need to think of a strategy that will land you closest to the pin. Make sure that the club is right for your strategy and use your best tools. You need to consider all the options at that shootout hole to ensure a perfect score. Not only that, but your swing should also be in order and you need to consider all your strengths and weaknesses before working out a strategy to take down that shootout hole.

Practice a lot

Once you have gone above tour 8, you are going to get these shootout holes more frequently. You need to be prepared for these and practice at all the holes at all courses of a tour to ensure that you know the terrain and don’t lose on the one chance you are going to get on the winning.

You can prepare by practicing on all the courses for shootout holes and also watch some videos on YouTube that will shed some more light on the topic allowing you to enjoy a much better experience with theses shootout holes.

Take Risks

Shootout holes are not only a new experience for you, but your opponent is in the same boat. You only got one chance at winning and sometimes thinking out of the box can get you that chance. All you need to do is take some risks.

Do not go overboard with your decisions but taking a small risk that has some chances of better distance than your opponent wouldn’t hurt much. You will come out with either a victory of more experience, so you should be giving it a shot.

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