How To Get Perfect Shot Every Time in Golf Clash?

golf clash perfect shot every time

In Golf Clash, a player needs to adjust plenty of stuff before he can make a shot. For instance, he will have to adjust the hit according to the wind and sometimes hit a curling ball. Even with all the adjustments, players still miss hitting the perfect shot by a mile.

As a result, they get frustrated and wonder what was wrong with their shot. Making a perfect shot requires a lot more than just a few adjustments.

Before hitting, aiming is the most important factor. Aiming depends on a player’s knowledge, and whether if he’s used to his equipment or not. Players should also know how to adjust the wind accordingly. Striking the golf ball requires precision and timing where players want a flawless instance to hit a seamless shot with an amazing aim.

In simpler conditions, making a regular shot is easier. You will also keep getting better with every hit as you gain more experience. Hitting the ball in rough, sand, or the places where you will simply need to subdue is harder.

As the player progresses through the Golf Clash, the difficulty will also be increasing gradually. Especially in the latter half of the game, making a faultless shot will get exceptionally hard.

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How to Make the Perfect Shot Every Time in Golf Clash

As you might have guessed, hitting perfect shots requires skill and precision from the player. A player has to determine and adjust a few things before he can make his ultimate shot. He will also need to have a great aim before he can proceed to make the perfect shot.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with an amazing tactic that will help you get the perfect shot in Golf Clash. So, if you’re also one of those players who are struggling in the game and can’t even hit a decent shot, make sure to follow properly.

Making the Perfect Shot in Golf Clash

There is definitely a way for you to significantly increase your chances of getting a faultless shot. Under usual circumstances, you will mostly need to properly time your hits, keep an eye on the swinging arrow. You will also have to match it with the middle bullseye (where your ball will land).

Unfortunately, our brain does not connect visual signals that fine with reaction time. This might also depend on the individual. The problem you will face is that as soon as you watch the arrow goes in the correct direction, you will not be able to react that fast. This is why you will slip it most of the time.

This is why making a perfect shot is easier for regular hits. The arrow moves much slower, giving time to the player so he can react. As the shots get harder, players start guessing rather than reacting. This is a poor way of hitting the ball as you will mostly leave it on luck.

We’ve come up with a better method for hitting perfect shots which are mentioned below:

First, connect with an acoustical signal. But how is acoustically better than the visuals? That’s simply how our brain works. It will work much better with sound compared to visual. For example, people always dance to music, as the rhythm is much easier to follow than just plain lightings.

However, one question remains as to how will you connect the shot with the acoustical signal? Unfortunately, the game does not make a sound whenever your arrow passes the perfect-shot indicator. This is why you will have to make an acoustic signal on your head every time it passes that window. It can be anything, such as a tik, or a beep. Basically, the signal could be anything you find easy to think in your mind.

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Now, all you have to do is to practice the signal. Let the arrow pass the perfect-shot window 5-10 times. You will even be able to hit a perfect shot with your eyes closed once you’ve perfected the rhythm. Simply proceed on hitting the ball.

You will be surprised at how much better you’ve gotten in hitting perfect shots. Just keep practicing the signal in your mind as many times as you need to.

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  1. I think we should able to change our club and ball in the shootout because it’sa totally different course and maybe the same bag is not as good. For example: All shoutouts are par 3 but wit if your bag is made for bigger courses? It puts you at an disadvantage in the shootout.


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