How to Use Rings in Golf Clash? (Explained)

golf clash how to use the rings

Wind is an important gameplay element in Golf Clash. Before making a shot, players will always have to account for wind. Basically, players need to adjust their shots according to the wind. This is done to throw a good challenge to the player.

Has it ever happened to you that even with a perfect shot, your ball goes to places? Wind plays a strong role here. Luckily, there are many ways to deal with wind in Golf Clash. Wind charts are also available to help players get through holes with different wind behaviors.

How to Use Rings in Golf Clash

Although there are plenty of ways to deal with wind as mentioned above. The most effective way to deal with wind is through the ring method. Or at least it’s the most popular method among the players.

We’ll be discussing how to properly utilize the rings in Golf Clash. Using this article, we’ll be taking a look at the ring method. Apart from discussing what rings are in Golf Clash, we’ll also explain how to use the ring method. So, if you’re also interested in an effective way to deal with wind in Golf Clash, make sure to give this article a good read.

What are Rings?

Before learning how to use the rings to deal with wind in Golf Clash, it’s important to first understand what rings are. Here’s an image of what rings look like in Golf Clash:


As you can clearly see these are the multiple rings that circle around a shot. These rings will be on your target cursor. These are responsible to adjust your ball’s landing. But you can also use these rings to adjust wind with your shot. If you’re good enough, you can get your shots to land wherever you want.

Fundamentally, rings tell you where your ball will first land. A player should place his ring carefully before making his shot. Else, he could really mess up his shot. When a match start, adjusting the ring is one of the first things a player has to do.

How to Use the Ring Method?

To counter wind in Golf Clash, many players like to try the ring method. Using these multiple rings, players can easily adjust the wind. Based on each club’s accuracy, you will have to determine how many miles per hour (MPH) is each ring’s worth.

club accuracy

Let’s take an example of a popular club known as the sniper. The sniper is a pretty solid club as it can have a maxed-out accuracy (100 as shown in the image). For easier understanding, we’re taking it as an example to show how you can use the ring method.

Furthermore, here is a chart explaining how to use accuracy as a way to determine the ring’s MPH.

accuracy ring

For now, we’re only interested in the last digit 100 = 1 =5. You might have guessed that the 100 indicates the accuracy of the sniper. But what is the point of yards per ring, and max ring here? The second number, 1 implies the wind per ring.

This means that whenever you’re aiming for a shot, each ring will equal to 1 mile per hour. The third number shows the outside number, basically meaning that outside the 5 rings, you will get 5 miles per hour.

Similarly, each club will have different values according to its accuracy value. For instance, if the club has 60 accuracy, each ring will equal 1.8 miles. You can use the image above for determining the values for every club.

Let’s take the sniper as an example once again. If each ring equals to 1 mile per hour, then the outside of the innermost ring (Yellow) equals exactly 1 MPH. Likewise, outside the next ring will equal to 2 MPH and the next one 3 MPH. Following this pattern, each ring will increment a 1 MPH. At the very least, outside the 5 rings, it will equal to exactly 5 MPH.

ring accuracy

That’s cool and all, but what about wind?

Now here comes the real part. We have made 4 simple steps on how you can use the rings to tackle wind in Golf Clash. So, let’s get started!

1.  Properly Adjust your Shot

The very first thing in a match is to adjust your shot. You have to aim so there’s no wind at all. You can rotate the screen to check. Properly set your ball spin, and double-check the adjustment. Keep adjusting until you have a perfect position.

adjust shot

  1. Adjust Wind

Similarly, right after adjusting your shot, you will have to adjust your shot according to the wind. You can do this by turning your screen around until you get the wind right up north or south. This will ensure you have an accurate wind direction.

wind north

  1. Determine the miles per wind

Follow all the procedures mentioned above. Check your club’s accuracy, and then proceed to check the miles per wind on your ring. You can check the ring/accuracy table to determine the exact number of miles per wind.

  1. Take the Shot

The final step is to take the shot. Make sure it’s a perfect shot. Once you execute it, you can see the magic happen as you would have successfully used the ring method to counter wind. If you have problems hitting a perfect shot, you can check out our guide on how to hit a perfect shot.

perfect shot


You have now successfully learned how to use rings in Golf Clash. Make sure you properly follow all the steps. People love to play the ring method as it is quite easy to perform. You can also take a look at our guide on wind charts which should help you learn how the wind works in Golf Clash.

We hope that you find this guide helpful as we’ve tried our best to explain rings in Golf Clash. Leave a comment if you have any more questions!

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