Is Golf Clash Rigged? (Explained)

Thousands of players that play Golf Clash have complained many times about how they feel that the game is rigged and causing them to lose matches. These players believe that the game is causing them to lose again and again so that they’ll make in-game purchases with real money. This is one of the oldest … Read more

Backspin In Golf Clash: How To Use

Golf Clash allows players to adjust the spin on their ball. This is a very helpful feature and can be of great use if you know exactly what type of spin to use in certain situations and how to use it. Despite this, not many players use spin on their shots, especially in the lower … Read more

Best Sand Wedge To Use In Golf Clash For Each Tour

There is a variety of different clubs that players can use in Golf Clash. There are also different types of clubs in the game and each of these clubs is used in different situations. For example, you use the driver for some situations and the short iron for different situations. One of the different types … Read more

4 Life Hacks For Golf Clash

There are many different hacks out there that players can try out for Golf Clash. These hacks can make a player’s life much easier and give them a huge advantage over the other players. However, these hacks are obviously not allowed and any player caught using them is banned almost immediately. There are some unofficial … Read more

4 Ways To Get Free Coins In Golf Clash

Coins are a very important currency in Golf Clash. Players cannot play matches without them, nor can they perform upgrades on their clubs. Regardless of this, many people don’t understand their importance and waste these coins. These players usually lose all their money thanks to bad bankroll management or long losing streaks. The worst part … Read more

Golf Clash: Best Short Iron Clubs to Use

Golf Clash is an incredibly popular Golf game for smartphones. The game features a wide range of clubs. The clubs are divided into different categories. Each category has plenty of clubs and each of them is used for different purposes. Also, every club has a different stat associated with it. Some have good accuracy, while … Read more

Golf Clash: What is Notebook Overlay?

Golf Clash Golf Clash is a highly interactive mobile game. Available on both Android and iOS, the game revolves around players competing against each other in golf. The one who manages to shoot the ball directly in the hole first wins. There are plenty of key gameplay elements associated with this golf game. To ensure … Read more

Golf Clash: All the Controls Explained

Golf Clash Golf Clash is a free to play game available on both Android and iOS. Basically, it’s a multiplayer golf game where players can compete against each other. The first to get to the hole wins the match. There are certainly plenty of aspects that come into play while playing a match. The game … Read more

How to Use Rings in Golf Clash? (Explained)

Wind is an important gameplay element in Golf Clash. Before making a shot, players will always have to account for wind. Basically, players need to adjust their shots according to the wind. This is done to throw a good challenge to the player. Has it ever happened to you that even with a perfect shot, … Read more

Golf Clash: Is Aimbot Just a Farce?

Hitting a shot in golf clash takes aim and precision. A player also needs to take other key elements in accounts. These can be timing the shot, wind adjustment, and much more. These are all a part of the game to provide the player with a challenging experience. Recently, there is a rumor going among … Read more

Golf Clash Losing Streak: How To Get Better

Golf Clash has grown its popularity considerably with not only the Golf Players but also those mobile gamers who want to have a good pass time to get through the day. Needless to say, you match against every type of player while you are matching in Golf Clash and that will cause you to have … Read more

How To Get Coins In Golf Clash

Coins are one of the most important things in all of Golf Clash. They are the key to success in the game. Coins are used for a number of different things. They can be used in order to pay the entry fee for tours, or they can be used to get new upgrades for your … Read more