Golf Clash: Complete Ball Guide

golf clash ball guide
golf clash ball guide

In Golf Clash, players don’t seem to give balls the same love as clubs. Balls are as much important as clubs in the game. Although at the start of the game, players don’t need to worry about getting a different ball. But as the game progresses, players will need to buy golf balls for gems. To properly compete with other players, it is important to purchase the right ball, making sure you aren’t spending all your gems on a ball.

We’ve made this Golf Clash ball guide to help you know what balls you should purchase and use. This guide will also help you win a lot more games in Golf Clash.

Golf Clash: Balls

golf clash balls

There are no additional stats in a ball. But, balls in golf clash have plenty of added benefits. These benefits help you while hitting a shot. The regular balls go up to level 1 to 3. On the other hand, balls available in special or seasonal events can go up to 5 levels.

The benefits which you can get out of a ball are:

  1. Wind Resistance: Balls having wind resistance lower the effect of wind on your ball during its flight.
  2. Side Spin: As the name suggests, this allows the player to be able to use sidespin. If the ball does not have sidespin on its traits, players can only use backspin and topspin.
  3. Power: The power ability allows players to hit balls at greater distances.

Golf Clash: Ball Guide

Before moving on to the guide, if you’re looking for a short answer on what is the best ball in the game. Without a doubt, it’s the kingmaker. It has all the traits maxed out including Wind Resistance III, Power III, and Side Spin III.

However, the problem still lies as only 9 gems of the kingmaker could cost you a whopping 650 gems. For a lot of players, this is a pretty hefty amount. You’re all welcome to use the kingmaker all the time, but it will surely cost you a fortune.

The solution to this problem is simple. Just pick the correct ball in the right situation instead of opting for the best ball in the game every single time.

For instance, in a situation when there’s a strong wind, along with a small distance, there’s really no need for the player to use the Kingmaker. Picking the Navigator is a much more sensible option as it will do the job just fine while costing you only 60 gems for 9 balls.

This brings us back to our golf clash ball guide. We’ll focus on the best ball that players can use in a given situation. This will help you save a lot more money. Not to mention, you will also start getting a lot better in the game as these balls will help you. For each tour, we’ll be mentioning the best ball for you. So, without wasting any more time, all of them are mentioned right below:

Best Balls in Each Tour (Ranked)

  1. From Tour 1-5

The first five tours in golf clash are pretty easy. You don’t have to worry about getting different balls as the game won’t throw any serious challenge at you. These tours will simply teach you the basic aspects of the game.

We strongly recommend keeping the basic ball here. Save up your gems for something better. Buying a better ball won’t give you an edge, as a player can easily breeze through the first 5 tours without needing them. Your opponents will also be using the basic ball.

  1. For Tour 6 and 7

marlin ball

If you were smart enough to save up your gems in the first five tours, and spend it on something better i.e. a club. You will have a pretty solid club by now, which would have also been gone through some upgrades. If this is the case, you can still get by using the basic ball here as well. Although there will definitely be opponents using a different ball, both tours are still beatable with the basic ball.

Still, we’d recommend buying a few Marlin balls as they will come in handy. There are multiple situations in these two tours where players will need to use wind resistance and sidespin. Marlin balls will help you in these situations while costing you only 25 gems for 9 of these!

  1. For Tour 8 and 9

qauser ball

From here on out, the game starts to get more and more challenging. You will often see opponents using the Qauser ball here. And there’s a pretty good reason why. The ball gives you Side Spin II for the best price possible, which is only 60 gems. This makes the ball both effective and reasonable for the price. For the same reason, we’d recommend using this ball for these tours.

Also, make sure to get a few Titan balls as they will aid you to deal with strong winds. But for the most part, the Qauser will do a fantastic job.

  1. For Tour 10 and 11

titan ball

This is most definitely the toughest Tours to deal with. Players have different opinions on which balls they should use in these tours. However, we’d strongly recommend the use of Titan balls here as they cost a LOT less than the Kingmaker, while only having one lower level of sidespin and Power. You will save more than 400 gems by using the Titan, instead of Kingmaker (180 Gems for 9 Titan balls).

Keep in mind the Kingmaker is still the best ball to use, but it’s insanely expensive. If you can, go for Kingmaker but it will eat up your gems very quickly. There will only be a handful of situations where you are going to need the extra Side Spin and Power.

If you’re incredibly skilled, keep a few Navigator balls as well. Only use them as the last resort, because you will need to be quite skilled to win these tours using the Navigator ball.

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