Backspin In Golf Clash: How To Use

golf clash backspin
golf clash backspin

Golf Clash allows players to adjust the spin on their ball. This is a very helpful feature and can be of great use if you know exactly what type of spin to use in certain situations and how to use it. Despite this, not many players use spin on their shots, especially in the lower tours of the game.

Many people avoid the feature thanks to claims that using spin makes it difficult to adjust the direction of the ball. Some people also believe that using spin makes it harder to work with the win and land shots properly. None of this is true, as the spin that you add to the ball will only come into effect when the ball lands on the ground.

To put it simply, the spin will never have any effect on the direction of your ball as long as it is in the air. You don’t have to worry about adjusting your spin accordingly to the wind or things like that. Many players also believe that it is difficult to learn how the spin feature works. This isn’t true, in fact, it is actually quite easy to learn how to use the feature.

As mentioned, it is also very helpful in some situations and can give you a huge advantage over your opponent, especially if they don’t know how to use it. This is why you need to learn how to use spin immediately and use it to dominate all other players that play against you. Here is a guide that can help you do this.

Types of Spin in Golf Clash

types of spin

There are two main types of spin in Golf Clash. One of them is backspin while the other is front spin. There is also a sidespin feature that allows you to spin the ball either left or right upon impact. This is also very helpful. However, it can only be accomplished with a specific type of ball that allows players to use sidespin.

All of these spins have their own uses in certain situations. It must be said that none of them are more useful than the other. All of them are very helpful in their own ways and it is important that you learn more about all of them. However, most players in the Golf Clash community believe that backspin is the best, which can be considered true in some situations.

You can learn more about how to use backspin in Golf Clash, along with when you should use it, by reading the guide below.

How to Use Spin in Golf Clash

You can add spin by tapping on the little ball that is usually displayed on the right side of the screen. Tapping this ball will allow you to adjust multiple different settings, including the type of spin that you want on the ball. Once you tap the ball, a menu will appear. You’ll have to tap the ball again in order to set the spin.

In order to use backspin, you’ll have to tap on the upper side of the ball in order to make it spin backward. This will offer a much more precise and smooth landing to the ball each time you take the shot.

When to Use Backspin in Golf Clash

There are only two real situations when you absolutely need to use backspin in Golf Clash. Both of these situations are discussed below in full detail.

  1. Playing the Ball Directly into the Hole

Backspin is most effective in situations where you’re awfully close to the hole. There’s always a risk of over-hitting your shots when you’re too close to the pin. This is why you’ll want to use some backspin in order to ensure that the ball stays in one place and doesn’t go over the hole. This can also work as insurance, as you the ball won’t go too far from the hole even if you end up missing badly.

You’ll want to adjust your backspin perfectly in these situations. Using too much backspin is never good and can result in a frustrating miss. This is why you should keep practicing in order to determine the exact amount of backspin you need from certain distances.

  1. Stopping the Ball in Small Spots

In some cases, you’ll have to make your landing almost perfectly as the fairway will be very small. The ball will almost certainly end up going to the fairway if you end up overpowering your shot. However, backspin can ensure that this isn’t the case.

You’ll be able to soften the landing of the ball when you adjust your backspin. This will allow you to land perfectly between a small spot of the fairway and will allow you to get closer to the green. Keep in mind that you’ll want to adjust your backspin perfectly in this situation, as using too much backspin will make your ball roll off the fairway.

  1. Hole-in-Ones

There are many situations where backspins can help you get a hole-in-one, or at least a double eagle. Some holes are small in length and allow you to directly approach the green. If you use the backspin feature correctly, you can get a hole-in-one on these courses. All you have to do is aim for the pin and the backspin will allow the ball to come back even if it travels over the hole.


As you can see, backspin in Golf Clash is an amazing feature if used the right way. You can greatly use it to your advantage, especially in the lower tours. As mentioned, most players don’t use spin in these tours which is why you’ll have an edge over them.

Just use the guide given above and you’ll learn about how and when to use backspin in the game. You’ll become a much better Golf Clash player once you learn more about all of this. So start using backspin immediately in order to win games and get the better of your opponents.

2 thoughts on “Backspin In Golf Clash: How To Use”

  1. Arlen needs to learn a few things. Some of what he says is BS. For starters you should NEVER try to bounce the ball in the hole unless you have to. You want to ROLL it in on close distances. Simply pull the target way back on the wedge club and add full topspin. Adjust it so the ball bath stops just past the hole. That way you have a shorter shot and a greater elmargin for error. Wind affects it much less. Also what he said about backspin only affecting the ball when it lands? More bs. When you apply backspin the ball goes higher in the air, making it more prone to the wind. This is especially true in shootouts. If you get a strong headwind and you use full backspin you may find it stops well short of your goal. Learn the game a little more.

  2. One major spin issue overlooked: the distance the ball travels is shorter the more backspin you use. That’s why you will see so many shots land way short of the green. You have to use much more power to get it to land on the green with max spin. Watch your opponent and what happens when they use max back spin and no extra power!!!!!


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