5 Reasons Why Your Discord Is Giving Static Sound

discord static sound
discord static sound

Discord is the most popular voice call program for gamers. It comes packed with all kinds of features. Not only does it allow you to be able to talk to your friends, but you can also create a variety of text channels.

These text channels can act as a general chat, or a guide for a game, or anything at all! What’s even better is that you can create countless servers in Discord and modify them to your heart’s content. It does not matter whether you want a private server, or a server for a particular game, as Discord has got you covered!

Static Sound Coming from Discord

Users in Discord have been experiencing a weird static sound coming from the voice channels. For some users, the sound is unbearably loud, and for some, it’s barely noticeable. In either case, the static sound has worried and frustrated a number of users.

Most of them are even mentioning how the issue is only limited to Discord. Simply put, they aren’t experiencing any static sound from games or other media. This rule out the possibility of a broken headset. This also leads us to believe that the issue is most likely with Discord or some other audio program.

Why Are You Hearing Static Sound?

Until you have further studied your issue, we can’t really say what’s the cause behind it. Different users have applied different methods in order to fix the issue. This also means that you could be facing an entirely different issue than theirs.

Whatever the reason is, what you will need to do is to apply some troubleshooting steps. This will help you eliminate each possible reason for your issue. So, in order to get to the root of this issue, try following these steps:

What Are the Possible Reasons for Static Sound?

1. Checking Your Default Output in Discord

One of the first and simplest things you can do is to manually check the output you have set in Discord. You can do this by going to your Discord’s settings. Under Voice & Video tab, check if you have the right output device set.

If you don’t have much idea about this, we suggest you try selecting each one of the output devices. Also, try disabling the Noise Suppression option in Discord. If none of the options work, move on to the next step.

2. Check Sound Panel Options in Windows

Another thing to check is your sound panel settings in Windows. Start by searching for your audio settings in Windows. Once the window appears, you should be able to see an option labeled “Sound panel options” on the right.

Click on it to have another window appear on your screen. Now, try selecting all recording devices in the list. Sometimes, you may have the wrong recording device selected. This is why we suggest you change and try each one of them.

3. Try Another Headset

Even if the issue is only with your Discord, we still can’t rule out the possibility of a faulty headset. What we suggest you do here is to simply try another headset. You can use any working headset or even earphones.

The goal here is to check whether this fixes your issue or not. If it does, you may want to upgrade your headset.

4. Use Discord Through Browser

Most of the users facing this issue have stated that using Discord in browser mode has helped them fix the issue. More specifically, all of them have used Mozilla Firefox to open Discord.

We recommend you do the same and try using Discord through Firefox. If the issue is fixed, then this means that something may be wrong with your Discord application or there is a 3rd party app causing this issue. Just in case, check all audio-related programs installed on your computer.

5. Fixing Through PulseAudio

PulseAudio is a program that you may need to install in order to fix this issue. Once you install the program, you will simply need to modify the module labeled “/etc/pulse/default.pa”. Find the following module:

Load-module module-udev-detect

And replace it with:

Load-module module-udev-detect tsched=0

Now, restart PulseAudio through the following command:

Pulseaudio -k && sudo alsa force-reload


These are all the 5 different possibilities and what you can do in order to fix static sound in Discord.

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