5 Ways To Fix Logitech G533 Mic Not Working With Discord

logitech g533 mic not working discord
logitech g533 mic not working discord

If you are an avid Discord user then you might also be investing in Bluetooth headphones to go with your gaming. Do you think getting the new Logitech G533 is the best option you have right now? When you come home and it’s time to try out your new Logitech G533 headphones, it turns out they are not working with Discord and you might think this was all for nothing. When it comes to gaming in general, the Logitech G533 is one of the best state-of-the-art gaming headphones out there in the market. But when you plug them in and everything is going great but your mic is not working then that can be a real problem.  This could be because of a few reasons and we will dig into how you can troubleshoot this problem and figure out a solution.

Logitech G533 Mic Not Working With Discord

In this breakdown, we will go from the easiest fix to the most technical solution for this problem.

1. All Logitech Mic Access to All Apps  

One of the very first things you can try out is allowing Logitech to have mic access over all your system apps. Sometimes the system does not give default access to selected apps and giving Logitech G533 access will inadvertently fix the mic issue. This could be easily modified by accessing the voice setting from your control panel and allowing access to all apps across the board.

2. Checking Microphone Settings

If the above-mentioned trick did not work then you might have to check your microphone settings. With this, you need to make sure that your settings are configured properly for your Logitech G533 headphones. For this, you will need to Access your Sound settings from the Control Panel and select the Recording tab. From here you need to right-click and select Disabled Devices and if your Logitech G533 is listed here then all you need is to enable this device by going to device properties.

3. Reinstall The Software

This is perhaps one of the easiest solutions you can try to get your mic to start working again. Initially, you will have to go to settings and uninstall the program. The next step is to go to the Logitech Website and download the latest Install Software for the Logitech G533. Hopefully, this will fix your mic issue once and for all.

4. Default Input/Output Device

A lot of the time the trouble is within Discord and in this case, the wrong output/input device might be selected in your Discord settings. For this you would have to go to Discord Settings > Input Device and Output Device and Select Logitech G533 as your both. This will make sure that the primary audio selected and transmission is your Logitech G533 and not any other device.

5. Resetting Your Voice Setting on Discord

Even if your Logitech G533 mic is not working then rest assured you can try again by resetting your voice settings. You just have to go to Settings > Voice and Video > (Left Side) Reset Voice and Video. By doing this you will be refreshing the audio and video settings for your mic to successfully connect.

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