4 Ways To Fix Razer Cortex Not Displaying FPS

razer cortex fps not showing
razer cortex fps not showing

Whether it be for their own peace of mind or for whatever other reason that comes to mind, most players appreciate the option to display the frames per second they receive on the screen while gaming. Razer Cortex provides this option as well. It is something that can be enabled and used very easily, but there are times that players might encounter issues with the feature.

If you’re encountering any such problems, especially with Razer Cortex not displaying FPS at all, here are some solutions worth trying.

How to Fix Razer Cortex Not Displaying FPS

  1. Razer Cortex Settings

The first solution is one that’s a little obvious, but also very important. There are a lot of players that forget to either enable the feature or save the changes to their profile after enabling it. There’s also the fact that Cortex sometimes has to enable the option for specific games, meaning you should check out the settings for each game separately through the software as well.

Once you’ve made sure that the feature is enabled for whatever games you’re playing and that there can’t be a problem with Razer Cortex in this regard, move on to the next solutions.

  1. Game Settings

The next solution is a little obvious as well, but much like the previous one, it is also an important solution worth checking out. There are lots of games that have settings of their own that need to be enabled in order for Razer Cortex to properly display the FPS.

This is easy enough to do as well, but the only problem is that the method is usually different depending on the specific game in question. Users should be able to find a said method online by going on official forums related to these games.

  1. Run in Borderless Mode

If all of the settings are properly set up and there is no issue with either the game or Razer Cortex, then the main reason for the software not displaying FPS is likely because you’re running games in windowed mode. This causes issues with the software because of a number of different reasons.

Once again the solution is very simple, as all that players need to do is run games on borderless mode instead. Running any games on Windows is sure to cause this problem, so try to make sure you avoid doing so.

  1. Contact Support

If all else fails, you should try using the Razer Cortex feature to send feedback regarding specific features. After users do this, they’ll either directly be provided a solution for the FPS not displaying, or they’ll be asked to contact Razer’s support which they should do so.

Either way, after a little bit of answering questions that user support has to ask you, they’ll be able to provide you with a definite reason and likely a definite solution for the issue as well.

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