4 Steps To Fix Razer Seiren X Volume Knob Not Working

Razer Seiren X Volume Knob Not Working
Razer Seiren X Volume Knob Not Working

Finding out that your volume knob has suddenly stopped working can suck, as it takes away the ability to be able to adjust your headset’s volume on the fly. Regarding this, we often hear from Razer Seiren X users about their volume knob not working.

If you have noticed a similar issue on your end, then you will need to troubleshoot before you reach any conclusion. For this purpose, we will be helping you by sharing all the ways you can try fixing this problem through the following instructions:

Fixing Razer Seiren X Volume Knob Not Working:

1. Ensure Headphones Are Plugged In

Most users don’t really know this but the volume knob found on your Razer Seiren X is for changing the volume level of headphones that you have connected. They won’t change the gain of the headset as that can only be adjusted through Windows or the application itself.

So, the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that your headphones are properly connected. Also, if you wish to adjust the gain of your headphones, do it from Windows instead.

2. Adjusting Sound Through Windows

As mentioned earlier, if you really wish to change the gain and volume of your headset, it is much better if you do it from Windows instead. To do this, you will first have to make your way to the sound settings. You can search for this using the Windows Search feature.

Under this window, you should get the option of adjusting the volume of your headset. For having more control over the sound, you will need to open the sound control panel and locate your headset.

3. Configuring Sound Through Game

If you are currently playing a game with your headset, then you can also try accessing the game’s settings for adjusting the volume. In most cases, you should be able to find these settings under the sound options located in settings once you are on the game menu.

4. Possible Fault

If you still haven’t noticed any change in your headset’s volume, then there’s a good chance that you are dealing with some sort of fault. We’re afraid there really isn’t any way of getting this fixed. In fact, your only option, in this case, would be to get it replaced.

The Bottom Line:

Don’t have any idea why your Razer Seiren X volume knob is not working? Before you start troubleshooting the issue, it is vital to know that this volume knob won’t change the gain of your headset. For that purpose, you will have to go to your Windows settings or the application settings themselves. Similarly, if you want more details about how you can do this, be sure to refer to the article above.

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