4 Quick Solutions To Razer Seiren X Sounds Bad In Discord

Razer Seiren X Sounds Bad In Discord
Razer Seiren X Sounds Bad In Discord

Even after buying a dedicated microphone, if you still notice your input to sound bad then you aren’t the only one! Over the past couple of months, users have been found complaining about their Razer Seiren X as it sounds really bad when used in Discord.

In case you have also encountered the same thing, then rest assured! Through this article, we will be sharing some of the most effective ways through which you can easily troubleshoot this problem for good. So, let’s dive right into it!

Fixing Razer Seiren X Sounds Bad In Discord:

1. Configuring Discord Settings

If your microphone only seems to sound bad when being used in Discord, then you can start with configuring your Discord. More specifically, we recommend that you go to your Discord’s settings. Under the Voice & Video tab, navigate to the Advanced tab.

Now, you will have to make sure that you have the “Echo Cancellation”, “Automatic Gain”, and “Noise Suppression” disabled. As these features are known to cause issues for some users, we recommend that you keep all of them turned off while using Discord. Also, be sure to save these changes before you start testing out your microphone again.

2. Try Running Discord On Browser

If you are currently running Discord through the desktop app, then we recommend that you try running it through a web browser instead. While there’s no guarantee that this will do anything, it could still help you resolve the problem especially if the problem is caused because of a bug.

Alternatively, you can also try reinstalling the whole application.

3. Trying Another Port

You should have multiple USB ports through which you can successfully connect your Razer Seiren X. Just in case, we recommend that you try testing out each one of these ports. This should help rule out the possibility of having a faulty port.

4. 3rd Party App Interference

There’s also the possibility that your microphone could sound bad because of possible interference with any of the applications that you have currently installed. For instance, you could have software like a “voice changer” running in the background which might have caused problems with how your mic sounds.

To prevent any such issues from happening in the first place, ensure that you don’t have any applications installed on your PC.

The Bottom Line:

Razer Seiren X sounds bad only in Discord? For any of you who is currently facing this issue, you should make sure that your Discord’s configured properly. Typically, when you have things like “Noise Suppression” enabled on Discord, you will often notice your mic sounds weird. This is why we recommend that you always keep these things turned off.

Besides this, you should also test out all the ports on your PC while connecting your Razer Seiren X.

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