4 Ways To Fix Razer Blade Overheating Issues

razer blade overheating
razer blade overheating

Razer’s Blade series of gaming laptop devices is one of their most popular of all. It features lots of different products, each of which is meant specifically for gaming-related usage. Depending on the specific version that you have, you can get quite some use out of your Razer Blade laptop.

But there comes a point where the user is too much to handle for the device and it starts overheating. If you’re having a similar problem where your Razer Blade starts overheating after some usage, try reading the list of solutions we’ve given below.

How to Fix Razer Blade Overheating Issues?

  1. Power Off the Laptop

One of the main reasons for laptops overheating so much, including the Razer Blade gaming laptops, is not powering the devices off once users are done with them. It is known that lots of players just tend to switch their device to sleep mode rather than actually turning it off after they’re done using it.

If you do something similar, it is recommended you completely shut off the laptop and place it in a relatively cooler environment as opposed to a warm and tight one. Now, wait for a few hours before turning it back on. The Razer Blade laptop should not be overheating in the same way any longer.

  1. Disable Gaming Mode

Gaming mode is something designed to offer much better performances for all users that use Razer Blade laptops. While it can be beneficial at times and is certainly capable of allowing users to enjoy much better frame rates as well as other bonuses when they’re playing video games.

However, it also pushes the limits of the Razer Blade device at times, eventually leading it to overheat. This is especially true when gaming mode is enabled while you aren’t gaming. The solution is to simply turn this mode off and switch to balanced.

  1. Changed Balanced Mode Settings

If you’ve tried the last solution and switched to the balanced mode or if you were already using it from the start but the Razer Blade is still overheating, consider changing the settings. This can easily be done by going to the Windows power options and then finding the balanced power profile from the menu that appears.

Click on this profile and change the balanced power profile from whatever it currently is to 99%. This should significantly reduce the high temperatures your Razer Blade gaming laptop usually experiences.

  1. Clean the Device

If all else mentioned on this list was not enough to solve the issue, the problem is probably on the inside of the Razer Blade itself. That said, the next logical step would be to either take your device to an expert and get it cleaned from the inside or do it yourself if you’re sure you can do so.

Apply cooling paste where needed and make sure that there isn’t any kind of dust blocking off the cooling fans. This should fix the overheating.

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