5 Ways To Fix Razer Blade Screen Flickering

razer blade screen flickering
razer blade screen flickering

Razer Blade is a high-end gaming laptop that you buy for around 1800 dollars. It has a stylish design and doesn’t look as bulky when compared to other gaming laptops. If you’re a student or travel quite often then Razer Blade can prove to be quite convenient for your gaming needs. However, it is more expensive than your standard gaming laptops. So, you should only buy it if your budget allows it.

Recently some users have mentioned issues with their Razer blade’s screen. The screen will start flickering and will stop only when you plug in the laptop to a power source. If you’re in a similar situation then here are a few fixes you can use to sort out this problem.

How to Fix Razer Blade Screen Flickering?

  1. Panel Self-Refresh

If your laptop has an OLED screen then it is likely that the Panel Self-Refresh feature is causing this issue. To fix the flickering issue you need to disable this feature. You can do so by going into the Intel control panel and selecting power settings. If the flickering issue happens when the power adapter is not plugged in then choose the “On battery” option and from there you can easily disable the Panel Self-Refresh feature. Apply the settings and restart your laptop once to see if the flickering issue is fixed or not.

  1. Killer Wi-Fi Module

Some users that were in the same situation mentioned that uninstalling the killer Wi-Fi module fixed the problem for them. You can change the Killer module with an intel Wi-Fi driver and check if that fixes your problem. If you’re having issues in uninstalling the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth driver then we recommend that you use the Revo Uninstaller.

Run the Revo Uninstaller and uninstall the killer Wi-Fi module. Once that is done you can install any other intel compatible Wi-Fi driver or just reboot your laptop and it will automatically install the Wi-Fi drivers for you. This will fix your flickering issue and you will still be able to use Wi-Fi properly.

  1. Disable Extended Battery Life for Gaming

If the issue flickering issue is only happening when you cut off the power supply then chances are that the extended battery feature is causing this error. Disabling this feature might help you fix this problem. So, just go into your battery settings and uncheck the extended battery life feature. This will ensure that your laptop is running at optimal performance and you don’t have to face flickering issues again.

  1. Reset Laptop

If the issue remains then go to the windows settings and go to updates and security tap. From there click on the Recovery option and there you will find the “Reset this PC” option. Just click on the get started button below it and the reset process will start. You can choose to keep or remove your files from the computer system.

Next, you will be prompted to select the programs that will be removed. Once you have selected the programs you want to keep, press reset and the reset process will start. The laptop will reboot a couple of times and the system will restore to factory settings. You will have to configure all your settings again but all of your software-related issues will likely be fixed by doing this.

  1. Claim Warranty

On the off chance, if the issue remains then there is likely something wrong with the laptop hardware. In which scenario, the only option you have is to contact your supplier and ask for a replacement. If you’ve just bought the laptop then you shouldn’t have any problems in securing a replacement order.

You can also contact the Razer support team to help you with this issue. Once you provide them with all the relevant information regarding your issue, they will be able to guide you through some troubleshooting procedures to fix your problem. It is recommended that you record a video of this issue and send it to them so that it is easier for the support team to identify your issue. If for some reason they can’t resolve your issue it is likely that they will help you secure your replacement order. So, don’t forget to contact Razer if you’re in a similar situation.

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