5 Ways To Fix Villagers Not Breeding In Minecraft

minecraft villagers not breeding
minecraft villagers not breeding

Minecraft is the best thing that you can get out there in the gaming world. It allows you to develop a whole village if you want to and manage it. To make things more realistic and interesting, you can also make those villagers breed and you will have a baby villager in no time at all. As much as it sounds good, there can be an issue for you if you are unable to make villagers breed, and here are a few critical things that you need to know about villagers breeding in Minecraft.

How To Fix Villagers Not Breeding In Minecraft?

1. Give them a Bed

Well, you will need to make a bed area for the villagers to breed. They will not breed unless there is an appropriate number of beds for them. You cannot just put 10 villagers in a particular area with only 1 bed either and expect them to breed. To make it happen, you will be needing 1 bed for 2 villagers and that will make sure that your villagers are breeding as you want them to be. It would be even better if you build separate rooms for those couples.

2. Make sure they have proper food

You will also need to ensure that each couple has the right food. Villagers need to be happy and well-fed to be breeding and that is as real as it can get. If you are not giving those villagers the right amount of food that they need, they will not be breeding. So, you will need to give them some food such as carrots or fruits from the village and you are going to get some baby villagers to rally quickly.

3. Some privacy

This one is a bit strange, but you might not have thought about it. The villagers will not breed again until there is a baby in the same place. So, if you can see a baby villager inside their room, you will need to pick that baby up and keep it in a separate room or some other place for villagers to breed again. If you wish to keep your villagers breeding and have lots of baby villagers, you will need to place the babies at some other place each time.

4. Mating Mode

The mating mode is the most essential part. Your villagers will show some heart signs above them and that means your villagers are in the mating mode. The villagers only breed when they are in this mating mode so you need to be specific about it. You will see hearts on the particular houses if your villagers are breeding or in the mating mode and that is a good sign to have. Make sure that you are placing villagers together who are in the mating mode and you can make them breed.

5. Willingness

Now, mating mode is not enough and the villagers must also be willing to breed. This is a new update in the game and that part is out of your control. So, make sure you give them the right place, food to eat, and they are in the mating mode and wait for them to be willing to breed.

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