Minecraft: It Looks Like You Are Using An Unsupported Version Of The Game (5 Ways To Fix)

minecraft it looks like you are using an unsupported
minecraft it looks like you are using an unsupported

Gaming isn’t the forte of everyone but some games spark the gamers inside every non-gamer. Well, Minecraft is one such game with its fine combination of adventure and action. The game is inspired by the dungeon crawlers. With Minecraft, the players can explore the unimaginative worlds and make their own buildings, be it a simple home or a castle.

The players can play in creative mode with unlimited resources. In addition, you can min in deeper in the survival mode, while designing the armors and weapons. One can explore and survive with other players through the mobile app or Windows 10. Well, as far as Windows 10 is concerned, people have been facing the “it looks like you are using an unsupported version of the game” error.

Minecraft: It Looks Like You Are Using An Unsupported Version Of The Game

In this article, we are sharing troubleshooting methods and tips to ensure this error is removed. So, try them right away and start building your castles and mine your way around!

1) Render Distance

Render distance in Minecraft is responsible for changing the number of chunks that are visible from a certain distance. There are multiple settings in render settings but it is dependent on the device. However, the minimum value of chunks starts from six and ranges up to 96 chunks. This range also signals the device’s available memory. This can lead to the error but if you reduce the render distance, the error will be eliminated.

2) Thread

The number of threads will directly impact the performance and playability. For as long as we remember it, Minecraft is a multi-threaded game. However, these threads are shareable (or we may say hackable). If you’re using someone else’s thread, this issue is highly likely to happen. In addition, if you change the threaded feature from multiple to single, it can destruct the single-core performance.

3) .jar Files

For opening the .jar file in Windows, you need a programmed Java Runtime Environment. In addition, you can use decompression software. However, if the proper steps aren’t followed and you still open the .jar files, it will show the errors. It is advised never to open, unzip, or extract such files. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the files to the mod folder that runs the game.

4) Inadequate Memory

Minecraft demands adequate initial memory but if you haven’t dedicated such memory to the system, the game can show such errors. This means it is the out-of-memory issue. But if you update to Java 1.8 or follow some arguments, the issue can be resolved. The arguments include -XX:PermSize=512m – XX:MaxPermSize=512m in the ram settings.

5) Log Files

For proper execution of the activities and game, log files play an integral role and if you haven’t uploaded them in a long time, the playability will be reduced. It is advised to use the optimized services, such as Gist for uploading the log files. On the other hand, you don’t need to make the Git repository. Also, there are chances that IC2 has crashed, so you either report it to Mojang or uninstall IC2.

That part of the error is just Minecraft telling you to not report it to Mojang. It looks like IC2 is crashing, try uninstalling it.

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