5 Ways To Fix Villagers Disappeared In Minecraft

minecraft villagers disappeared
minecraft villagers disappeared

Well, Minecraft is the game that is closest to reality and there are tons of factors involved. You need villagers to work on your farm and keep the realm going. If there is any issue with that, your farm will not be able to survive and there can be numerous other things such as attacks from other players, mobs, or even some wild animals lurking around. If your villagers have suddenly disappeared here are a few things that you must know about to ensure that it does not happen again.

To start with, there is no glitch of some sort with the villagers but there are certain factors involved that can cause your villagers to disappear out of nowhere such as:

Villagers Disappeared In Minecraft?

1. Make some walls

You will need to make some walls around your village to keep your villagers from wandering off or simply moving to neighboring villages. So, the walls should be high enough to keep them from climbing these walls and it would be better if you put a gate as well and keep it closed to keep your villagers from walking off to some other village.

2. Keep an eye on the mobs

Zombies are found in dark places in the games and the caves underneath your villages. If you not kill them timely, they can kill all the villagers while you are gone and there is nothing you can do about it. So, make sure that you are taking care of the villagers from any sort of mobs and zombies so they can be well protected and there are no chances for your villagers to be getting killed out of no where in most random occasions and you will return to see an empty village.

3. Trade with them

There is a glitch in some earlier versions that will vanish any villagers that you have not traded with. This is somehow strange but there is no apparent fix for it yet. So, if you want to keep your villagers from disappearing, it seems that you don’t have much choice but to trade with them and they will be safe where you keep them. You can also give them food like carrots, fruits, and honey to keep them well-fed and they will not migrate to any other nearby village on their own.

4. Look in weird places

If you had a few villagers and you are not able to find them, you must look around closely. There are certain cases with villagers dancing in the river or climbing in odd places and getting stuck there. So, make sure that you look for them all over the village and places such as caves, riverbeds, and things like that to ensure that they are not hiding somewhere they are not supposed to be or stuck in such odd places.

5. Breed them

You will also see your villagers disappearing if you are not intentionally breeding them. Those villagers will simply migrate off to other places or villages and you will be stuck with an empty village. So, it is important that you intentionally breed your villagers if they are in the mating mode.

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