Top 4 Games Like Terraria (Games Similar To Terraria)

Terraria is a sandbox video game created by Re-logic. Initially, the game was only released for Microsoft Windows in 2011. Following its popularity, soon the game was ported to plenty of other platforms. Terraria’s gameplay features crafting, exploration, painting, building, and combat with various other creatures as well. The 2D world of Terraria has generated … Read more

5 Games Like Subnautica (Alternatives To Subnautica)

The game Subnautica revolutionized the survival horror genre due to its amazing open-world experience. There were definitely a lot of other open-world survival games released during the time, but Subnautica was unique due to the fact that it took place underwater. The underwater environments of Subnautica surely seem beautiful, but they are completely unforgiving and … Read more

Top 5 Games Like RimWorld (Alternatives To RimWorld )

Veteran gamers and even hardcore strategy and simulation players are quite familiar with the genre classic that is RimWorld, an incredibly popular simulation game that satisfied its player base even before it left early access. It came out of its beta phase strong and on the rise and was Steam’s top player-rated game last year … Read more

5 Games Like RuneScape (Alternatives To RuneScape)

RuneScape is one of those timeless games that are over a decade old yet, still being played and their fanbase is increasing. The game presents you with a virtual world like anything you have ever played before and is enough to keep you hooked up at all times. With the game being initially released in … Read more

7 Games Like Merge Dragons (Merge Dragons Alternatives)

Merge Dragons is mostly a Trial and Error/Exploration Puzzle Game. Meanwhile having some of its mechanics taking elements from the Hidden Object and Tile Matching sub-genre of the Puzzle Games. As a Trail and Error/Exploration type Puzzle Game its two main puzzle-solving mechanics are: Identifying the pattern Combining the elements The first thing a player … Read more