5 Games Like Armored Core (Games Similar To Armored Core)

Armored Core is a classic franchise of video games that was developed by FromSoftware. These are the same developers that are also responsible for other classic and iconic game series, the most notable of which is obviously the Souls series. But well before the Souls series ever came into being, FromSoftware released the first-ever Armored … Read more

5 Best Games Like Wizardry (Games Similar To Wizardry)

Wizardry is a whole series of RPG games made and published by Sir-Tech. An amazing fact about these games is that they were the prime influence for every modern RPG game released today. Thanks to Wizardry, we got to see popular game series like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Unfortunately, the last official entry in … Read more

5 Best Games Like Battle Brothers (Alternatives To Battle Brothers)

Battle Brothers is a turn-based strategy game that was released in 2017. It puts players in control of a group of mercenaries whom they control in an open-world campaign filled with all sorts of enemies to fight. In this group of mercenaries that you control, you also get to choose exactly what mercenaries you hire. … Read more

Top 5 Games Like Northgard (Alternatives To Northgard)

Northgard is a fairly recent game as well as a fairly popular one. It came out in 2018 and became quite popular shortly after this. Northgard is a real-time strategy game, one with lots of great features and mechanics which make it a great game that stands out in its genre. The game is based … Read more

Top 5 Games Like Telltale Games (Alternatives To Telltale Games)

Telltale Games is a popular video game development company. The company is known among all the players for all of its episodic game releases. They mostly focus on adventure games. One of their most famous releases is based on The Walking Dead series. Every single one of their games follows a similar art style. More … Read more

5 Games Like Grim Dawn (Games Similar To Grim Dawn)

Grim Dawn is an action-filled RPG game set in a fictional dark world. The game is made and published by Crate Entertainment. The game is available to play in both single-player mode and multiplayer mode. However, it can only be played using Microsoft Windows. The world of Grim Dawn is set in Cairn, a dark … Read more

Top 7 Games Like Frostpunk (Alternatives To Frostpunk)

Frostpunk is survival and city-building game. It is published and developed by 11-bit studios. This game was initially released for Microsoft Windows back in April 2018. However, it was later made available for Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4 in October 2019. This game was a massive hit upon release and received mostly positive … Read more

Top 7 Games Like Moonlighter (Alternatives To Moonlighter)

When it comes to listing the most popular gaming genres, role-playing games are definitely up there with the most popular ones. Similarly, Moonlighter is a fascinating action RPG that was released back in May 2018 and took the gaming world by storm. Upon its release, the game became an instant hit and was played by … Read more