Merge Dragons Challenge 22 – Complete Guide

Challenge Level 22, named Fjord 14, is one of the hardest levels that players will go through in the entire game. The level is quite long and on top of this, there is a timer that will be pressuring players throughout the entire challenge. Fjord 14 is mainly considered difficult due to the fact that … Read more

Merge Dragons Challenge 21: Complete Guide

Merge Dragons! is filled with hundreds of levels. A majority of these levels are the main stages of the game that you’ll have to complete in order to progress. There are also other fun and challenging little stages that players can play at any time besides the main levels. These other stages can be referred … Read more

Merge Dragons Challenge 20: Complete Guide

There was an update for Merge Dragons! quite some time ago which introduced challenge levels to the game. These challenge levels are similar to the main levels of the game but have some distinct differences that make them more difficult. Most of these challenge levels present good rewards which make them worth completing. One of … Read more

Can You Play Merge Dragons on PC? (Answered)

Gaming on a PC: Gaming on a PC is a delight. Most people who have tried it think along the same lines. So, why does PC gaming check so many boxes for a typical gamer? The answer lies in customization and malleability. A PC can be shaped according to a user’s preference. If gaming on … Read more

7 Games Like Merge Dragons (Merge Dragons Alternatives)

Merge Dragons is mostly a Trial and Error/Exploration Puzzle Game. Meanwhile having some of its mechanics taking elements from the Hidden Object and Tile Matching sub-genre of the Puzzle Games. As a Trail and Error/Exploration type Puzzle Game its two main puzzle-solving mechanics are: Identifying the pattern Combining the elements The first thing a player … Read more

Merge Dragons Challenge 23 – Complete Guide

Merge Dragons Merge Dragons is a fantastic game developed Gram Games for both Android and iOS. It is an exploration puzzle game. The game introduces to a wondrous land where you have the ability to merge all kinds of things in its evocative world. The game’s lore suggests that all the lands are void of … Read more

Merge Dragons Cloudland 6: Complete Guide

Merge Dragons is not a game to mess around with. The game is getting more and more popular each day with an increase in the number of players. Gameplay revolves around exploring the magical world of Merge Dragons where you get to visit multiple lands on the world map marked as levels. These lands contain … Read more

Merge Dragons Gems: Types Of Gems and How To Earn Them

Merge Dragons is a game like none else. This game focuses on constructive abilities rather than destructive and allows you to make the most of your day. You get the magical powers to merge different things together and create something more magical, more extraordinary for you. That is why the game is appreciated by lots … Read more

Merge Dragons Challenge 13: Complete Guide

Merge Dragons is one of the most exciting and intriguing games. The game is based on a puzzle that you need to solve to pass the level to get rewards and bounties. Merge Dragon is one of those rare games that will never let you get bored even while playing it for hours. With both … Read more

What Is Amber In Merge Dragons and How To Earn It?

Merge Dragons! is a video game for both iOS and Android which is popular for many different reasons. The main goal of the game is merging and completing levels. There are many different objects in the game for players to merge. Merging these items provides players with a new item that is a significant upgrade … Read more

Ruins Of The Sky Palace In Merge Dragons

Ruins of the Sky Palace is the final stage of Bushes in Merge Dragons! You won’t be able to further merge bushes after this as it is the highest possible level. It occasionally grants players with items and is very helpful for players that are looking to get more and more dragons in events. Take … Read more

Merge Dragons Challenge 14 – Complete Guide

Merge Dragons is probably the most popular puzzle game that is currently available for download. The game contains tons of interesting aspects that make it a favorite all-day runner for the most player. It is available on both major platforms Android and iOS. But the actual reason for the popularity of this game is their … Read more