Merge Dragons Cloudland 6: Complete Guide

merge dragons cloudland 6
merge dragons cloudland 6

Merge Dragons is not a game to mess around with. The game is getting more and more popular each day with an increase in the number of players. Gameplay revolves around exploring the magical world of Merge Dragons where you get to visit multiple lands on the world map marked as levels. These lands contain some challenges that you need to cover and heal the dead land with your magical abilities to merge multiple magical objects that you find on the map.

While you are at it, you get your own camp where you can breed and hatch dragons, raise them and grow your camp into a magnificent magical place. The game focuses solely on constructive goals by merging multiple objects and healing the land for you making it the right time pass for anyone. Immersive graphics, cool animations, magical SFX, and challenges keep you hooked up all day long in the game and you cannot stop getting addicted to it. But rest assured you will not be spending much time on the game as you are getting a set amount of chalice each day that you can use to attempt a certain level. So, either you win a level or you have to try for a day at least to get another go at it.

Clouds Bracket

Clouds bracket is a bracket of Merge Dragons level where you get to have a mystical experience of the game in the magical cloud keys. These lands are mostly at a higher altitude and are covered with clouds that you need to unravel in order to complete the lave, find some secrets, heal the land and merge some magical objects while you are at it. There are certain levels in the cloud bracket that make things more fun and magical for you and one such level is Cloudland 6

Merge Dragons Cloudland 6

cloudland 6 merge dragon

Cloudland 6 is the 6th level in clouds bracket involving a nested series of mystic clouds. There are also several islands on the land that you need to heal and restore the Gaia’s statue in order to complete the level. The level is at 170 so you can expect some complications and difficult puzzles while you are trying to solve the level. But that is not all, the whole level is spread out on a larger area than most of the other levels so you will not only spend more time on this level but will have to be patient while you do it.

cloudland 6

The chalice cost on Cloudland 6 is 4 that makes it even more difficult for you. You will have the pressure on your mind that you need to complete this level in a single go or you will have to wait for another day to have another try on this level. But don’t let that cloud your judgment calls and play the game wisely. The level can be completed easily enough if you are making the right decisions.

The key factor on this level is to create one dragon only. You are only going to need one dragon to have this level completed. If you are creating more dragons, they might speed up the process for you but you will have to monitor them carefully as they can destroy those zomblin caves that you will be needing later in the game to complete the level. You will need to have a full chest with all the right resources like heal extenders, life orbs, and mushroom caps to complete this level in the right manner.

Star Goals

Like any other level, there are three goals on this level that will earn you a star while you are playing this level. Make your chalice cost worth the efforts and do what is necessary to earn those stars. You might be able to complete the level if you don’t earn all these stars but it doesn’t hurt to earn some extra credit from a level, right? That is why we recommend that you pay attention closely and keep these star goals in mind. If you complete these star goals correctly, you will have increased chances of completing the level correctly as well.

Goal 1

goal 1

The first goal is fairly simple and not as complicated as the ones ahead. You need to create a glowing life flower to earn the first star from this level. You need to tap all those ancient dragon skulls to unearth skeletons that are on the land. These skeletons will be used scatter bones. You need to repeat the process until the island is full of them and then you can merge them together to create life flower sprouts. These life flower sprouts will be later merged to create life flowers. Once you have the life flowers, you can merge them together to create Blue Life Flowers. Once you have the blue life flower, you can merge it with the other two already on the island to create the Glowing life flower.

Goal 2

goal 2

Goal 2 is to create 2 fresh graves to earn a star. Now, this is simple enough if you have only employed one dragon. All you have to do is tap a grave, release a zomblin, and kill it to get a fresh grave. Repeat the process to get the second grave and this should satisfy the second goal, earning you a star in return.

Goal 3

goal 3

Goal 3 is as simpler as it can get. You need to stack the elderwood. The elderwood is already there. You just need to unlock the mystic clouds using the Nice Shrub. Once you do that, you will get three elderwoods . You need to merge them to create a stack of elderwood and that would do the trick.

End Goal

Once you have completed these star goals, you will have enough land unlocked and healed. You will find all the pieces of Gaia’s statue on the land that you can use to restore the statue and complete the level for you.


You have a chance to earn Undead tree, Golem Dragon Egg, and deathly hallow tree upon completion of this level.

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