Merge Dragons Challenge 16- Complete Guide

Merge Dragons, an adventure game with puzzles, The game is based on the premise that player is required to heal a magical land, harness the power of the dragons, solve engaging puzzles and eventually build your camp to grow dragons. The game is published by Gram Games Limited. It is available on the Apple store … Read more

Merge Dragons Challenge 20: Complete Guide

There was an update for Merge Dragons! quite some time ago which introduced challenge levels to the game. These challenge levels are similar to the main levels of the game but have some distinct differences that make them more difficult. Most of these challenge levels present good rewards which make them worth completing. One of … Read more

7 Games Like Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons Is mostly a Trial and Error/Exploration Puzzle Game. Meanwhile having some of its mechanics taking elements from the Hidden Object and Tile Matching sub-genre of the Puzzle Games. As a Trail and Error/Exploration type Puzzle Game its two main puzzle-solving mechanics are: Identifying the pattern Combining the elements The first thing a player … Read more