Ruins Of The Sky Palace In Merge Dragons

merge dragons ruins of the sky palace
merge dragons ruins of the sky palace

Ruins of the Sky Palace is the final stage of Bushes in Merge Dragons! You won’t be able to further merge bushes after this as it is the highest possible level. It occasionally grants players with items and is very helpful for players that are looking to get more and more dragons in events. Take a look at the guide below if you’re interested in learning more about the Ruins of the Sky.

What Is Ruins of the Sky Palace in Merge Dragons?

ruins of the sky palace

Ruins of the Sky Palace is one of many results of merging in the game. It is the last stage of the bushes in the game. It is one of the several different wonders in the game and is referred to as Wonder #10 of the Merge Dragons! world. Ruins of the Sky Palace is also one of the multiple different non-merging buildings in the game.

What are the Wonders?


Wonders are one of the best things that you can get in Merge Dragons! They are the highest-level items in a merge chain and players can interact with them in order to get a lot of great items and loot to help them on their adventure. These wonders cannot be improved further as of now, since they cannot be merged.

There is a total of 16 different wonders in the game, each of which provides specific great rewards. Ruins of the Sky Palace is the 10th wonder of the game and is fairly easy to get. You can get all of these wonders by simply playing the game a lot and merging specific items together. You’ll get the wonder you want once you’ve reached the highest level of a specific merge chain.

How to Create the Ruins of the Sky Palace in Merge Dragons!?

create ruins of the sky palace

Ruins of the Sky Palace is actually the least rare wonder in the entirety of Merge Dragons! This means that it is also the easiest one to create. There are only 6 items in the bush merge chain, which makes it the shortest chain in the game. This is why many consider it very easy to get the Ruins of the Sky Palace in Merge Dragons!

If you wish to create Ruins of the Sky Palace, you’ll need to get 3 or 5 gorgeous shrubs. This sounds quite easy but is actually quite time-consuming. As already mentioned, there are a total of 6 items in the merge chain and the gorgeous shrub is second to last. This means that you’ll have to keep creating and merging other bushes in order to create a single gorgeous shrub.

The first thing that you’ll need in order to start your journey to creating Ruins of the Sky Palace is a shrub sprout. You can get these shrub sprouts by playing levels or harvesting specific objects. Once you get three of these, you’ll be able to merge them in order to create a budding shrub. You’ll be able to make nice shrubs using three of these budding shrubs.

Nice shrubs are merged together in order to create flowering shrubs. You’ll be able to finally create one or two gorgeous shrubs using 3 or 5 flowering shrubs respectively. Keep repeating the process from a single shrub sprout until you finally have three or five gorgeous shrubs. You’ll then be able to create one or two Ruins of the Sky Palace using these gorgeous shrubs. You can do this as many times as you want to get as many Ruins of the Sky Palace you like.

As you can see, this is fairly easy to do. All the items in this merge chain are common or uncommon at most. Only the Ruins of the Sky Palace have an epic rarity. Although it’s easy to do, you’ll still have to spend a lot of time on it. This is fine though, as you’ll get a lot of rewards from all the different types of shrubs. Each shrub offers good items and the rewards get better and better depending on how far you go in the Merge Chain.

What Rewards Does Ruins of the Sky Palace Offer?

tanzanite nest

Players can tap on the Ruins of the Sky Palace in order to get Tanzanite Eggs or Nests. There is also a decent chance that it can provide players with dragon chests. Ultimately, dragon chests will simply provide players with more of these Tanzanite eggs/nests. Players can tap at the Ruins of the Sky Palace for a total of nine times at the initial stage in order to get these rewards.

After these nine taps are complete, players will only get rewards from the palace after every 10 hours in the camp. The rewards to not change, meaning that players will still get Tanzanite eggs/nests or dragon chests from the Ruins of the Sky Palace. This makes it a great source of eggs in order to get new dragons for events.

Is the Ruins of the Sky Palace Worth It?

Just like any other Wonder in the entire game, the Ruins of the Sky Palace is definitely worth the grind. It may be time-consuming, but it is very helpful at the end of things. It provides great rewards which are especially helpful for players that wish to get as many dragons as possible for events.

Even if you don’t wish to go through the struggle of creating on these, you’ll have to do it anyway sooner or later. This is due to the fact that the Ruins of the Sky Palace is the only wonder in the game which is compulsory. Players will need it at one point or the other when they want to play the secret levels, as it is required to complete the Totem Grid secret level.


As you can see, the Ruins of the Sky palace is an important part of the game and is fairly easy to create. It is a great addition to your game in Merge Dragons! and will help you a lot. It is also a must for you if you wish to pay the secret levels in the game.

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