Merge Dragons Challenge 21: Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 21
merge dragons challenge 21

Merge Dragons! is filled with hundreds of levels. A majority of these levels are the main stages of the game that you’ll have to complete in order to progress. There are also other fun and challenging little stages that players can play at any time besides the main levels. These other stages can be referred to as fun little side quests and provide players with good rewards.

Some of these side quests can be a bit difficult, especially the challenge levels. Challenge levels were added to Merge Dragons! as a part of a major update and are a great way for players to test out their skills while also earning some good rewards. Take a look below if you wish to learn more about these levels.

What are Challenge Levels in Merge Dragons!?

As mentioned, challenge levels were added to the game in a previous update. This update introduced version 2.0.2 and brought numerous changes. These added challenge levels were actually previously in the game, but they were changed into challenge levels for specific purposes.

These levels are scattered across the map and are identifiable thanks to a gray goblet which is displayed on a challenge level’s icon. These stages provide players with a specific dragon each time they’re completed. Completing a challenge level also automatically results in the next level being unlocked. There is a total of 30 challenge levels in the entire game and each of them is challenging in their own way. However, one difficult challenge level, in particular, is Fjord 7, which is also popularly referred to as challenge level 21

How to Clear Challenge Level 21 in Merge Dragons!

challenge 21

Challenge Level 21 is one of the more difficult challenges in the game. It looks pretty straightforward but it very difficult for one reason alone. This reason is the fact that players are required to merge 5 items at a time, meaning that merges of 3 items are not recommended. In short, players will have to create larger merges, meaning that they’ll need more supplies and will also have to make precise decisions.

There are many players in the Merge Dragons community that struggle with this level and there’s nothing to be worried about if you’re one of them. The level is hard, but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely impossible. Just follow the step-by-step walkthrough given below and you’ll be able to easily clear Challenge Level 21.

  • Before you start the level, you should once again remember the fact that you need to merge in groups of 5 as often as possible in order to clear the level and win. Merging 5 objects is what you’ll be doing in your first move. These objects are the Dragon Tree Leaves which you’ll find at the right half of the level, specifically in the bottom right.
  • You’ll have a lot of Dragon Tree Saplings. Take these to the bottom right of the level and merge them over and over in sets of 5. Keep repeating this step until you only have 3 sets of Dragon Tree Saplings left to merge.
  • Merge the remaining three Dragon Tree Saplings which were mentioned in the previous step.
  • For this step, you’ll have to keep merging Sprouting Dragon Trees. Remember that you need to merge all of these in a set of 5.
  • You’ll have to continue merging in groups of 5 in this step as well. However, the only difference is the object you merge this time are the Vermillion Dragon Trees.
  • Now things get a little complicated. It is necessary that you go merge onto the parts of super dead land on the upper-right hand of the stage.
  • Create a Life Flower Sprout in this step. This is easy to do as you can simply merge the 3 Tanzanite Plains Grass which you should have at this point of the stage.
  • Things get a lot simpler for the next few steps, as all you have to do is merge the Life Flower Sprouts together in a group of 5.
  • Now merge the 5 Life Flowers with one another and move to the next step.
  • Merge the Glowing Life Flowers with each other, you will also have to do this in a group of 5 yet again.
  • You’ll be significantly close to completing challenge level 21 if you’ve followed all the instructions given above. All you have to do now is merge the Life Flowers wherever you possibly can. You’ll also have to merge these in groups of 5, like most other things in the level. Repeat this step over and over again until it is finally possible for you to finally continue and merge the Life Tree Sprouts together.
  • Merge the 3 Life Three Sprouts, which you should have at this point if you followed the previous step correctly. This will finally allow you to create a Life Tree Sapling, meaning that the level is complete and that you’ve cleared Challenge Level 21.

Rewards for Clearing Challenge 21


The rewards that you get for finally clearing Fjord 7 are worth it in the eyes of most. You’ll earn a Dragon Tree Sapling by completing the level. A Spotted Dragon Egg is also a possible reward for completing the level and is quite helpful. These eggs provide players with Spotted Dragons. Spotted Dragons are of the harvester breed, which obviously makes them a helpful addition to any player’s collection.

Lastly, the third and final possible rewards that you can get by completing Challenge Level 21 is a Budding Shrub. These are upgraded versions of the shrub sprouts and can also be created by merging 3 or 5 Shrub Sprouts with another. Budding Shrubs can be used for merging purposes in order to create Nice Shrubs.


As you can probably guess from the guide above, Challenge Level 21 is actually quite short, but that doesn’t make it easy. Regardless, just follow the walkthrough and you’ll be able to clear it in no time.

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