Merge Dragons Challenge 22 – Complete Guide

merge dragons challenge 22
merge dragons challenge 22

Challenge Level 22, named Fjord 14, is one of the hardest levels that players will go through in the entire game. The level is quite long and on top of this, there is a timer that will be pressuring players throughout the entire challenge.

Fjord 14 is mainly considered difficult due to the fact that there’s a lot of multitasking involved. Players will have to complete multiple different objectives at a time, which is never easy. On top of all this, a bad move can deem the level unwinnable. This ultimately means that all your hard work goes down the drain and you have to do everything all over again.

How to Clear Challenge Level 22 in Merge Dragons

challenge 22
challenge 22

No level in the game is impossible to complete, no matter how difficult it might be. A lot of players struggle to clear challenge level 22, but this doesn’t mean that the level cannot be cleared. Take a look at the walkthrough below in order to learn more about how you can easily complete Fjord 14 and move on towards the next challenge level in the game.

  • As soon as the level starts, zoom out as quickly as you can and move towards the island on the upper left corner. Merge the Seeds of the Prism Flower on said island in order to create a Sprouting Prism Flower.
  • Take the Sprouting Prism Flower which you created in the previous step and move it to the island on the top right. Merge it on the Super Dead Land here in order to form a single Prism Flower Buds.
  • Now go towards the island on the bottom right and take the Grass Tuft. Move this to the island on the top left and merge it in the Super Dead Land with the other 2 Grass Tufts.
  • Now grab the Grass Tuft which is on the same island and move it below, but only a little so it stays on the same island. Again, merge this Grass Tuft with the other 2 in the Super Dead Land. you’ll have to Lawn Grass after completing this and the previous step correctly.
  • Move these 2 Lawn Grass and shift them towards the island located on the top right. There will be 3 more Lawn Grass in the here, meaning that you can perform a merge of 5 in the Super Dead Land and create 2 Great Grass.
  • There is another Great Grass on the island in the bottom right. Move the 2 Great Grass which you created in the previous step to the said island in order to create a single Marsh Grass and complete one of the three goals which you need for the Goal Stars.
  • There will be another Marsh Grass on the same island which was mentioned in the previous move. Shift this and the one you created to the island on the bottom left in order to perform a merge of 3 with another Marsh Grass in the Super Dead Land.
  • Interact with the Heal Extender which you unlocked by completing the previous move.
  • Interact with all the nests that are unlocked by tapping on them and merge the eggs that you’ll get. This will allow you to create dragons, which will help you greatly later on in the level.
  • Take the Tall Grass and move it to the main, large island in the middle in order to merge it with the other 2 in the Super Dead Land. This will allow you to unlock another heal extender.
  • Use this extender to unlock some Zomblin Caves and summon a few Zomblins. A total of 4 Zomblins are required since you need to make Fresh Graves. Before you begin this move, keep in mind that you should only summon them one-by-one. Some of the land can be converted into dead land if you don’t, which will end up taking more of your time.
  • Destroy the Zomblin Caves and all the Zomblins that you summoned from them. Now the hard part begins since you’ll have to do a little multitasking. But first, you have to remember that you need to summon yet another Zomblin from one of the caves you’ll be able to unlock later on in order to create 4 Fresh Graves.
  • Grab the Prism Flower Buds which you created by destroying a Zomblin cave on the island to the top right. Move it to the island on the left-hand side and merge it with the other 2 Prism Flower Buds in the Super Dead Land.
  • Use the Heal Extender you unlocked in the previous step in order to unlock 2 more Zomblin Caves and a Tanzanite Plains Grass. There will be two more Tanzanite Plains Grass on the same island. Merge these 3 together in order to unlock yet another Heal Extender, which can be again used to unlock 2 Zomblin Caves and 1 Mushroom Caps.
  • Shift the Mushroom Caps towards the main island and shift it with all the other ones here in order to complete another goal for the Goal Stars.
  • Now merge the 4 Zomblin Caves which you unlocked a couple of moves back with the other 2 in the Super Dead Land on the main island.
  • You’ll get two more rain puddles for completing the previous step, which will allow you to unlock 2 Rain Puddles. Take these to the top of the main island and merge them with the 1 Rain Puddle in the Super Dead Land.
  • Now that you’ve created a fledgling puddle, grab it and take it to the ones located on the right of the main island. Merge all 6 of these together in order to create 2 Heal Extenders that you’ll use to unlock the 3 Destroyed Gaia Statues.
  • Merge the 3 Destroyed Gaia Statues to finally complete the level.

challenge 22 complete

The reward for Completing Challenge Level 22

The 3 possible rewards for completing this level are the Dragon Tree Sapling, Dragon Tree Seeds, and the Golem Dragon Eggs.

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