Merge Dragons Challenge 23 – Complete Guide


Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons is a fantastic game developed Gram Games for both Android and iOS. It is an exploration puzzle game. The game introduces to a wondrous land where you have the ability to merge all kinds of things in its evocative world.

The game’s lore suggests that all the lands are void of life. To revive the land, players have to merge and harvest life flowers with the help of dragons to revive a land. The whole game relies on the player’s magical powers to revive its dead lands.

Merge Dragons take the merging mechanics and combines it with various puzzles to provide players with a challenging experience. Players can have fun playing the game while also being able to test their abilities through the various challenges presented by the game to the players.

While completing levels, players will gain rewards that they can take back to their very own dragon camp. Using these rewards, players can merge things even in their own camp to help grow it.

Merge Dragons Challenge Levels

One of the most recent additions to Merge Dragons were the introduction of challenge level. Although they have objectives similar to other levels, such as merging the Gaia statues or collecting a certain amount of life orbs.

However, every challenge level will require the player to revive the dead land through the use of life orbs. As the player keeps on reviving a chunk of land, he will gain access to the items that were on the dead part of the land.

Challenges also have a limited time for completion. This means players will have to devise a strategy to revive the dead land in the quickest way possible while tackling entities like Zomblins. Overall, challenges are one of the hardest things to clear in Merge Dragons.

Merge Dragons Challenge 23 Guide

challenge 23

The challenge 23 in Merge Dragons is also known as Grimshire 1. The challenge comes after the player is halfway through the challenges, and is at the near end. Players seemingly have a very hard time while trying to clear this level. With only a limited time, players have to do a lot before they can finally clear the level.

This is where our guide will come to help, as we have devised a complete step by step guide to help you clear the level. We have explained every step and added a few images, so you can truly understand how to clear this level and progress forward in the game. Also, this guide will tell you how to get all the wins in this challenge.

For First and Second Win

The first and second win in Merge Dragons will grant you a Butterfly Dragon Whelp (Dragon power 1) and a Butterfly Dragon Kid (Dragon power 4). Here is how you can get the first 2 wins:

  • The objective here is to merge the Gaia statues under the given time limit. First off, gather the grass eggs and merge them together. This will give you a dragon that will be helping you through the first phase of the level.
  • Similarly, merge 3 rock dragon eggs such that the two egg dragons will merge with the third dead dragon egg. This will bless you with another dragon. You should have two dragons in total now.

challenge 23 eggs

  • Now, using the 2 dragons, start harvesting the life flowers in the bottom left and right corner.

challenge 23 harvest

  • Once you gather 5 life essences, merge them to get 2 life orbs. These life orbs will help you revive the dead land. You will see there are 2 life orbs in the dead land. You can merge them together to get some bonus land revived.
  • Now, with all the life orbs you’ve gathered so far, heal the land on the top left corner. You will get 3 grass now. Merge these 3 grass together with the 2 grass on the dead land. Some more bonus area will revive

challenge 23 merge grass

  • You can also merge the two sprouting prism flowers together with the third dead one located at the bottom. You will also gain access to a life extender but don’t use it for now.
  • Continue harvesting using your two dragons. While you’re harvesting merge all the drake’s ridge together. Try fighting the first demon gate on the left side.

challenge 23 drake ridge

  • Similarly, destroy the second demon gate, and spend any spare time you get to harvest and heal the remaining three dead chunks of land. You need plenty of tiny life orbs to combine it with the final life orb.
  • After using the final life extender, you can finally fight the final demon gate. Destroy it to have access to all the Gaia statues.
  • To finish the level, just merge the Gaia statues together, and get the win.


For Final Win

The final win in challenge 23 in Merge Dragons will grant you a butterfly dragon (Dragon power 18). To get the final win, follow these steps:

  • You only have 1 minute 42 seconds to clear the same objective. As soon as the challenge starts, quickly merge both grass eggs, and rock eggs to get your 2 dragons.
  • Similarly, start harvesting life essences and merge 5 of them together to get tiny life orbs.

challenge 23 merge life orb

  • Here, don’t use the tiny life orbs, instead, simply combine 5 of them to get small life orbs. Merge these small life orbs together with the life orb near the bottom right demon gate. Use the life extender and fight the first demon gate.
  • While your dragons fight the demon gate, use the life orbs on the top left dead land. Once you heal them, line the grass with the dead ones on the right to get some bonus area healed. You will get Drake’s ridge now, merge them to get even more bonus area healed.
  • You should be doing this while your dragons fight the demon gate as you have very limited time.
  • Now, all you have to do is merge the remaining items placed near the demon gates to revive the area. Then, use both extenders and fight the demon gates one by one.
  • After you’ve destroyed both of them, you should be able to merge the Gaia statues on time and get the win.

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