How To Restart Mission In XCOM 2?

xcom 2 restart mission
xcom 2 restart mission

Usually, the best way to take down the aliens in Xcom 2 is to spread out your team. That way the aliens won’t be able to take advantage of the cover. However, if all your team is grouped into a single location, then you’ll end up losing most of your matches. So, just try to cover different angles and flank the enemy to complete the mission effectively.

In this game, things can go sideways very easily, and sometimes it will become impossible to save your campaign. Let’s discuss whether or not you can restart missions in Xcom 2.

XCOM 2 Restart Mission

Unfortunately, there is no direct method that can be used to restart a mission in Xcom 2. This is especially true for users that are playing on Ironman mode. So, if you’re in a similar situation and messed up a mission then there is nothing you can do to replay that mission.

You will need to think about strategies on how you can salvage the situation. However, if you’re not on Ironman mode then there is an option available that can help you replay a mission in this game. You will just have to reload the save file from the beginning of the mission to replay it.

Even though players might think that the save-scumming method is bad, it can help a lot when players are trying to improve at the game. So, if you’re just learning the mechanics of the game you don’t have to go through with the Ironman mode on the first run.

Meaning that you should only try Ironman mode when you’re familiar with the game and know how different battles play out. That way you can avoid the mistakes that new players will make and you won’t have to restart the mission.

If you’re not in Ironman mode then you can simply reload a safe file from the start of the mission to replay it. That way you can learn from your mistakes and try out different tactics to win the battle. Keep on replaying the missions until you understand the game perfectly.

You will keep improving as you go through the mission again and again. That will help you when you’re actually in Ironman mode and can’t reload the save file from a previous timestamp. You don’t have to replay the whole mission, just try to make your strategies more efficient.

To Conclude

You can’t directly restart the mission in Xcom 2 if you’re on Ironman mode. So, if you’re a new player then you should avoid this mode and try to learn the mechanics of the game. You can reload save points from the beginning of the mission if you’re not on Ironman mode.

That can help you improve your skill in the game and you will be able to develop strategies that have minimal risk. However, if you’re on Ironman mode then there is nothing you can do to restart the mission from the begging and your actions will be saved indefinitely.

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