How to Restart Boom Beach – Learning More About Resetting the Game

how to restart boom beach
how to restart boom beach

Boom Beach was once easily one of the most popular games around in the world of mobile gaming. It came out in a similar time to Clash of Clans and both competed against one another in various ways, despite being made by the same developers. Even today the game is played by many players who continue to make the community thrive.

If you’re one of several users recently returning to the game after a long time and wish to get a fresh start by learning how to restart Boom Beach with a clean slate, given below is everything you need to know.

Can Players Restart Their Game in Boom Beach?

There are many who have asked this question regarding Boom Beach. Whenever users return to the game after a long while it is preferable to restart from the beginning to get yourself familiar with all the basics and begin anew. Even when you’ve got all the possible upgrades and have maxed out all there is to, there isn’t much left to do in the game.

That’s also a possible situation in restarting might make things much more preferable and enjoyable. But regardless of the reason that you might want to reset your game in Boom Beach, there is some unfortunate news.

This is the fact that accounts cannot be reset in the game as there is simply no option available for doing so. This leads many to believe that there’s no way to reset the game at all, but that’s not true.

To answer the main question being discussed, it’s definitely possible for players to restart the game in Boom Beach, but doing so is something that’s made very difficult because of the exclusion of any reset button in the game. Here’s how to reset in the most effective ways possible.

How to Restart Boom Beach?

The solution we recommend most that will allow you to keep your old account while also having a new account to restart from scratch with is finding yourself a new device to play on. Once you’ve got a spare device to play on just download the game on it and create a new account.

You’ll be starting entirely from scratch and the original account won’t be deleted either, meaning you’ll be free to go back to it whenever necessary. The other option is getting rid of one’s account and the game itself.

This is something that might take a lot of time, as it involves working with the Boom Beach support team to get your account deleted in the first place. To do so, open up the game with the aforementioned account meant to be deleted and then choose the support option from the pause menu.

Once a Supercell support team member contacts you, work with them to follow steps required to delete one’s account. Once this is done, reinstall the game and create a new account to play on from the beginning.

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