How To Restart Mission In RDR2?

rdr2 restart mission
rdr2 restart mission

Along with the main story, there is also a lot of side content to go through in RDR2. There are many interesting characters in the game that keep you emotionally invested in the game.

The gameplay is very interesting and you can choose through different weapons in the game. This game received an overwhelming amount of support when it was released because of its incredible story and hours upon hours of unique content.

Just like other open-world games, the different ratings are assigned to players after they complete a mission. Let’s cover how you can restart a mission in RDR2 if you missed an objective or the mission is glitched out.

RDR2 Restart Mission

If you have just completed a mission and didn’t get the gold medal then you can use the replay feature to restart the mission. It is very common for players to miss some objectives on the first go. So, if you’re in the same situation then you can restart the mission to get the gold medal.

After completing a mission, you will get a pop-up in the game. Use your controller to access the mission details and you’ll find the replay option on the bottom right of the screen. If you’re using a controller then it will also show you what button you need to press to replay the button.

If you’re using a PS4 controller then you can replay the mission from the mission details by pressing the triangle button on your controller. You can use the bumper buttons to check the logs of the mission.

That way you will be able to find what objectives you missed and now you can focus more on completing these tasks to bring your rating up to a gold medal. This is how you can restart a mission in RDR2 that you’ve just finished.

However, if you want to restart a mission that you completed some time ago then pause your game and select the progress option. Then click on the story and you’ll be able to access all the chapters that you’ve covered so far.

After selecting the chapter, you can look at the rating in different missions and use the replay mission option to play any mission that you like in the game. If you want to restart a mission that you’re currently on then you’ll need to abandon the mission first and then use the restart mission option to start from the beginning.

To Conclude

You can easily restart any mission you like from the game menu. You will just have to open up the mission that you want to replay from the progress tab and then use the replay option to restart the mission from the beginning.

So, if you’ve missed objectives, or glitched out of a particular mission then you can easily restart by going through the method mentioned above. Use the log to see all the objectives you’ll have to cover to get the gold medal in your missions. Getting gold can be hard for inexperienced players if they’re on a higher difficulty level.

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