Learning How to Restart Splatoon and If It is Even Possible or Not

how to restart splatoon
how to restart splatoon

Splatoon is a franchise that just about all Nintendo fans are familiar with. It started relatively recently compared to the other powerhouse exclusives offered by the company but it’s still one of the most popular out of these exclusives despite this.

The game has a fun single player mode as well as a highly engaging multiplayer mode, as well as a couple of different entries which have been successes in their own way. The first game, titled only as “Splatoon”, is one that’s still popular today. Today, we’ll be discussing some things related to it.

Can Players Restart Splatoon?

The previously mentioned things that we’ll be discussing is the option to restart Splatoon, or lack thereof. There are many reasons why one might want to restart a game such as this, whether it be in multiplayer or single player.

For example, in single player, you could’ve missed out on some important weapons, dialogue, story aspects, achievements, or anything else of the sort that you wish to start over to get. As for multiplayer, a clean slate is always preferred by most players. But sadly the game doesn’t provide any option for users to reset their progress.

There’s no restart available for Splatoon whether it be in multiplayer of single player, which is something that certainly annoys most players. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to do this simply because of the fact that the game doesn’t provide the option to do it.

There are ways to tinker with the settings on your console which can allow you to perform this restart on the game. This is discussed in full detail below, so continue reading if you learn to wish about the ways Splatoon can be reset.

How to Restart Splatoon?

If you just wish to restart the single player campaign of the game, there is no need to do anything too extreme at all. We simply recommend creating a new guest account on which the game can be played straight from the beginning.

Without any further issues. However, this is a solution that may not be the ideal solution for a lot of users because of either multiplayer and/or achievements. That’s why the most effective method which we recommend to players is the one that requires them to remove their saved data from their console.

This will make it so that all current Splatoon progress is lost, in multiplayer and single player alike. Doing so will ensure that you get a completely new slate in Splatoon from your main account, letting you start anew in any way that you like.

To try out this exact method, you’ll have to go to the settings of your Nintendo console and delete all saved data associated to Splatoon. The rest is pretty simple and straightforward. All that needs to be done is launching the game and doing whatever you wish to with it as the restart will be complete.

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