How to Restart Lords Mobile – Is it Even Possible for Players to Accomplish This?

how to restart lords mobile
how to restart lords mobile

Lords Mobile is a game that many are probably familiar with. Even if some haven’t played it before, they’ve surely seen all the different commercials for it which are scattered all across social media and other places on the internet.

The game is a fun strategy MMO with some nice features which keep users engaged. What we’re here to talk about today is a feature related to the game; one the effects the progress of users and their game entirely.

Is it Possible to Restart Lords Mobile?

Lords Mobile is fun and all, but there’s only a certain point till which this is completely true. There comes a time when players have played the game so much that there simply isn’t anything too meaningful left.

All the upgrades have been unlocked, troops managed, battles fought, and the content left isn’t necessarily enough to keep you interested in the game. This is usually the point where some players just go the extra mile to complete what’s left, while some just uninstall the game and are done with it for the time being.

However, there’s another option that most don’t think to consider. This is the option to restart Lords Mobile entirely. To answer the original question, it’s definitely possible to do so, but at the same time it isn’t something which can be done all that easily.

The process of restarting Lords Mobile is one that can take a lot of effort depending on which specific method you choose to take. There are exactly two effective methods to choose from when it comes to this, and we’re here to discuss each one in full detail. Both of them are given below.

How to Restart Lords Mobile?

The first thing to remember and perhaps the most important of all is the fact that accounts can’t be reset in this game. The game itself can be reset to start over, however accounts cannot.

That said, the best and most convenient method for restarting the game from the beginning is getting your hands on another device on which you can download Lords Mobile and create a new account to play on.

There should surely be a smartphone around the house which players can borrow to play. But there are some cases in which this might not be an option.

For cases such as these, there is the other, more extreme option. This will require players to contact Lords Mobile support through email and ask them to remove their account from the game. Once that’s done, just uninstall the game before reinstalling it again shortly after.

Once the download is complete, set up a new account in the game and you’ll be right back where you started. However, one thing to keep in mind is that this means the old account which you used to play on is gone forever and cannot be recovered regardless of what you try to do.

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