3 Ways To Fix WoWMapper Not Working

wowmapper not working
wowmapper not working

WoWMapper is a popular addon that can be installed in WoW for allowing players to be able to use a controller. The add-on acts as a controller input manager, where the player can map out all his controls to the buttons on his controller.

How to Fix WoWMapper Not Working?

While installing any addons on WoW isn’t that hard, most of them may run into issues. The same is the case here as we have received many complaints from players that WoWMapper is not working.

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If you have also found yourself in a similar situation, then there isn’t much to worry about. Through this article, we will be taking an extensive look at the issue. We will be telling you how you can troubleshoot and fix the issue by mentioning a list of easy-to-follow steps. All of them can be found mentioned down below:

  1. Running the Client as Administrator

One of the first reasons behind the application not working is directly related to permission issues that mostly occur when you have it installed on your C drive. Even if you haven’t, it is still good practice to run each and every program as an admin.

Doing so clears out any permission issues due to which the program may not work as intended. To run it as an admin, all you have to do is to right-click on it, and click on “Run as an administrator”.

  1. Reinstall the Addon

If the addon does not seem to work, what you can do is to make an attempt at reinstalling it. Before you do, you have to make sure that you completely remove/uninstall WoWMapper from your computer. We recommend that you also restart your computer afterward.

Now, look for the latest version of WoWMapper through your browser. Ensure that you download only from a reliable source. Run the setup and program as an administrator. It could also be that your antivirus program or Windows Firewall is interfering with the installation or running of the program. Hence, make sure to disable both of them before you install it.

  1. Look for an Alternative

If none of the above-mentioned steps are working, then you can try looking for another addon with similar features. There could be an issue going on with the WoWMapper, which is why it is currently not working. You can either wait for a fix or start looking for an alternative.

The Bottom Line

WoWMapper not working on your game? All you have to do is to follow the steps that we have included in this article. Doing so will help you in troubleshooting and ultimately fixing the issue. Ensure that you follow the steps in the order as they are mentioned in the article so that you can effectively troubleshoot.

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