WoW Heroic vs Mythic- Which One Is Better?

wow heroic vs mythic
wow heroic vs mythic

WoW is full of surprises for you, and this is kind of the game that will never let you get bored. There are tons of difficulty levels, modes, and a lot more that is being offered with the WoW so you don’t have to go out looking for some other game to play.

Each model comes with features of its own that take a while to get used to, and that makes you feel like you are playing a whole another game but with those favorite graphics and characters that you love already.

Heroic and Mythic are two such modes, and if you are looking for a comparison, here are a few things you need to consider.

WoW Heroic vs Mythic


Heroic is the mode that is also abbreviated as HC at the forums and is basically all about the dungeon difficulty settings. Now, we all love those dungeon raids in the WoW and want to get more and more of it.

That is why Heroic mode is there to make the whole thing more interesting for you. The Heroic mode is accessed from the raid leader’s portrait menu. There are different settings and requirements for this mode, depending on the expansion, dungeon type, and the number of raid parties you are playing with.

The best thing about playing with the Heroic mode difficulty level is that you have more HP, you can hit harder and cause more damage to the opponents, and have more potent skills as well. You will also be getting better quality equipment when you drop those bosses in the heroic mode.

Yet, the difficulty level is considerably increased as well and you can only activate the heroic mode once per day for each character. There are timers on the dungeons as well, and that allows you to have some break between your heroic experiences again with the heroic difficulty mode in the game.


Mythic is another dungeon system with different features and that allows you to have a whole new experience while you go raiding those dungeons with your raiding party.

The 5-player raiding mode has an endlessly scaling challenge to offer that makes it way more challenging for you. Not only that, but there are also timers for each of the dungeons so that you can feel it more challenging and put some more effort into the game.

Moving forward, competing for mythic dungeon rewards you with an epic gear having a higher base level than any other source out there. It is pretty obvious that the higher your difficulty level is the better level of loot you will be getting.

That is why enemies that you will be facing in the Mythic dungeon level have higher health pools and are able to deal with more damage than you can inflict upon them. Yet, the best part about playing on the Mythic dungeon mode is that all the shadowlands dungeons are available unlocked on this mode so you will not have to think much about that.

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