How To Fix Dungeon Finder Not Working In WoW?

wow dungeon finder not working
wow dungeon finder not working

The Dungeon Finder is a very helpful feature that is a part of World of Warcraft. It is pretty easy to guess what this feature allows players to do after you get a look at its name. But on the off chance that players still aren’t too familiar with its concept, it is simply a means of making it easier to join dungeons with other groups of players that are also looking to do similar objectives.

The feature itself is pretty handy, but the Dungeon Finder tends to not work for some players at times. This can happen for a number of different reasons. To help out, we’ve given a list of the most recommended solutions below.

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How to Fix Dungeon Finder Not Working in WoW?

  1. Make Sure You’re the Right Level

Being too over-leveled or under-leveled can cause lots of problems with the Dungeon Finder in WoW. There are specific level caps for every single dungeon, and being below or above them can cause issues such as this one with the feature. With this said, make sure that you aren’t trying to search for any dungeons that you don’t match the requirements for. You’ll be able to find minimum requirements for each specific dungeon online.

Just look up the specific one that you’re trying to queue for and you’ll be provided every bit of info that you could want regarding it, including what levels are qualified to participate in it. The list tends to become much more filled once you hit level 60, so aim for that if you’re struggling to find anyone to play within the lower levels.

  1. Character Boost Cooldown

One of the main reasons why the Dungeon Finder sometimes doesn’t work at all in WoW is because players have recently used a level boost on their character. Whenever you use a level boost on any single character of yours, you’ll find that the feature won’t work when you try to use it as them. There are two solutions to this issue when this specific issue is the one responsible.

One solution is that you can try using the Dungeon Finder with another character instead. The other one is that players can wait for exactly 24 hours after they used their character level boost, as this is the amount of time it takes for the Dungeon Finder to start working properly again once the previously mentioned boost is applied to a character.

  1. Gear Items

Lastly, another common reason for players being unable to get the Dungeon Finder to work or for players being unable to join any queues even when the feature displays them is because of gear items. If these items are low leveled, players will find that their accessibility with the feature is actually quite limited. You might not be able to get it to work at all, or join any games even after it starts displaying them. The solution in this case is to get higher leveled gear.

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