How To Fix You Haven’t Collected This Appearance Error in WoW

wow you haven't collected this appearance
wow you haven’t collected this appearance

One of the best features that have been added to WoW ever since the game was released was the transmog feature, which is something that just about anyone playing the game for a long tie will agree with. This feature allows players to change the way their character looks without actually having to sacrifice any bonuses. To further simplify, transmogrification in World of Warcraft is a feature that lets you apply the appearance of one item to your character while actually having equipped a different item. One of the many aspects of the transmog feature is Appearance.

This Appearance aspect of transmogrification allows one to save the way that a piece of equipment looks. You can then use this saved appearance later on whenever you want without even having the item in your inventory to use it. This is a very helpful feature, but it is sometimes a complicated one as it can provide a few problems every now and then. One of these problems is the error message which says ‘’You Haven’t Collected This Appearance’’ when you try to use Appearances.

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‘’You Haven’t Collected This Appearance’’ Error in WoW

The main reason why players tend to face this issue in the game is given in the error message itself. The problem is encountered whenever you try to implement the appearance of an item without actually haven’t collected said appearance before. But, there can be other reasons for the issue as well, which we’ll be diving deeper into.

Other Reasons and Solutions for This Error

One different and popular reason for encountering this issue can be that there are add-ons causing problems with the UI. This tends to happen a lot more often than one would expect. The first solution we recommend is checking that you have in fact collected and saved the appearance in question. After this, you should also try making sure that you’re trying to implement the correct appearance.

Lots of players accidentally try to implement different variations of an item into the appearance rather than the one which they have collected. This is an understandable mistake, as these different variations can sometimes be hard to differentiate between at times.

You can also try using commands to fix the issue. The recommended command for the error at hand would be “/console missingTransmogSourceInItemTooltips 0”. Type this into the chatbox and then click enter, as doing so should be enough to fix most problems on the player’s end. Once you’re made absolutely sure that there is no such problem on your part, you should move on to our next most recommended course of action.

This would be to perform a complete UI reset. This involves players going into the WoW settings through the client in order to replace some files and rename some folders. Doing so will result in all the different add-ons you have been removed and will likely fix any problem that they’re causing with the User Interface, such as this one. It won’t result in the loss of anything too important though, so you can try it out without any worries.

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