What Class Players Should Choose to Boost to Level 100 in WoW

what class to boost to 100 WoW
what class to boost to 100 WoW

Back when Legion was first announced, it was revealed that there would be many different bonuses for all those that chose to pre-order the expansion. One of these different bonuses that players received was the Boost to Level 100 feature. As its name might imply and as you might already know if you’re been playing the game for a long, this Boost to 100 feature in WoW is used to make a low leveled character immediately develop into a level 100 character.

This allows you to upgrade their stats and their gear, as well as other attributes. While the Boost to 100 tokens from Legion are obviously no longer available as the expansion cannot be pre-ordered, Blizzard does offer players the chance to purchase the tokens separately. Although pricey, these can be worth it. If you’ve got a Boost to 100 tokens for yourself recently and can’t decide what class to use it on, we’re here to help out.

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What Class to Boost to 100 in WoW?

Whenever you ask anyone this question, you’ll notice that all of them will give you somewhat different answers from each other. The reason behind this is very simple. Deciding what class one should boost to 100 in WoW all comes down to personal preference. Even if you rule a few different classes out for whatever reason, there are still several others to choose from.

Each of them has its own great advantages as well as their unattractive disadvantages. This means that there is no one specific class that is clearly much better than the rest of them, which is a great thing as it shows that World of Warcraft is quite balanced. But, it can be made very easy to decide which class to boost to 100 in WoW as long as you know what it is that you yourself want.

Once you determine the way that you wish to play the game and the type of role you wish to play in a group, you can make a choice easily. As most people already know, there are a few different main roles in WoW. These are a tank, healer, and damage roles which are all very crucial for a team as they all have their own huge parts to play in combat. Some of the best options that you can choose from when it comes to classes to boost to 100 are Paladin, Monk, and Druid.

A reason why these are so great to boost to 100 is due to the fact that they are highly versatile classes. They allow you to play a tank, DPS, or healer in a group at any given time. This allows you to switch your role to whatever you may want, whenever you may want. This versatility makes these classes a few of the most popular picks to choose from. However, in the end, it must be mentioned again that you should use the trial to try out all the different classes to see which one suits you the best.

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