How To Enable Combat Text In WoW?

how to enable combat text wow
how to enable combat text wow

In an MMORPG game like WoW, you will be able to see multiple text chat boxes. These text chat boxes are meant for different purposes. These text chats range from party chat, world chat, and other float boxes to display combat statuses, etc.

How to Enable Combat Text in WoW?

After a recent update in WoW, players have been unable to view their floating combat texts. As a result, they are having a harder time in the actual combat of the game. With not much idea of what’s wrong, they often start wondering that the feature is indeed removed from the game.

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Through this article, we will be mentioning exactly how you can enable combat text in WoW. So, in case you have been wondering how you can enable the floating combat text, then we highly suggest that you keep on reading the article.

Enabling Combat Text in WoW:

What most players don’t know is that players can easily enable the floating combat text by entering an in-game command line. You will have to enter and execute the command line which should help you get the combat text to show up in the game’s UI.

Simply type in and execute the following command line in your game:

/console floatingCombatTextCombatHealing 1
/console floatingCombatTextCombatDamage 1

After typing in the command line, execute the line, you should be able to get it back on your game. If for some reason, you are still unable to get your game’s UI to show up as it should, then here are a number of things that you can try:

What If It Still Does Not Work?

1. Resetting Game’s UI

It is still possible that your game does not show up the floating combat text. If that is so, then the very first reason why this is happening could be due to the reason that you have a bugged UI interface. In this case, you can easily fix the issue by simply resetting your game’s UI.

You can do this by simply going to your game’s settings and then choosing the option to reset your game’s UI. Afterward, if you are still having issues, then we recommend trying to restart the whole game which should help refresh the game.

2. Installing a Game’s Addon

The final thing that you can do is to install a whole add-on for the game’s floating combat text. There are plenty of add-ons that can be installed in order to improve your game’s UI. You are completely free to install any add-on that you’d like.

The Bottom Line

Ever wonder how to enable combat text in WoW? Here are all the details that you need to know in order to learn how you can easily get it to display on your game.

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